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KBC 25th EPISODE QUESTIONS with Rahet Taslim: 22th November

 Kaun Banega crorepati with Rahet Taslim on Monday 

First Women in the History of KBC that have won one crore Rupee
Episode questions are as follows :

Starting with Rahet Taslim for one crore :

Ques : The SARDA act was enacted in 1929 to restrain which social evil in India ?

Ans : Child Marriage, other options are child trafficking, child labour and Sati

Ques: Which Legendary queen fought aganist the Mughals during Akbar's region ?

Ans : Chand Bibi

Ques : Who was the recipiest of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award ?

Ans : Devika Rani

Ques :Which Europen nation was the first to pass a Law banning the wearing of " Burqa" in public ?

Ans : Balgium, other options are Britian, France, Spain

Here is the Question for one crore:

Ques :Which   was the first African nation to elect a women as its president ?

Ans : Liberia, other options are Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria

Question for Rupees five crore :

Ques: In 1982, Barney clark became the first successful recipient of an artificial heart, what was it named ?

Ans : Jarvik 7 Heart, other options are Liotta Heart. Akutsu III Heart, Abio cor Heart

Rahet Taslim  left he game by winning one crore 

Starting with Jainiti , she is from Chennai

Ques : According to an advertisement, who believes " Bolney ke liya, bhasa ki Jarurat nahi Hoti " ?

Ans : Sar ji 

Ques : In India, Vaccination against which of these diseases is usually given orally ?

Ans : Polio .......................

to be continued with   Jainiti, on Tuesday i.e 26th Episode of KBC
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