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KBC 26th Episode Questions Answers


Episode of 23rd November 2010 : Wednesday

continuing with Jayantri Harprit
Ques :who is the author of the best selling novel '2 states : The story of my Marriage ?

1. Vikas swarup  2. Shobha De  3. Chetan Bhagat   4. Amish Tripathi

Ans : Chetan Bhagat

Ques : Where idd the Air india Express flight IX-812 crash on 22 May 2010 ?

Ans : Manglore

Ques: Who is the founder of the " Art of living " foundation  ?

Ans : Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ques : In which of these Discliplines did Indiawon a Medal for the first time at the CWG Games 2010 ?

Ans : Men's Hockey
Jayantri Harpreet left the Game for Just Rs. 10,000/- only

Starting with Raj Kumar, He is from Punjab

Ques : According to a Hindi Expression, an independant person is described as standing on what ?

Ans  : Pair

Ques : Which of these items is not primarily associated with Lord Krishna?

Ans: Darma

Ques : Which of these is a unit used to measure Distance ?

ANs : Light Year

Ques :In Which country is the ancient city of "Harappa" located ?

Ans : Pakistan
Raj Kumar also left the game at Rs 10,000/- only

Starting with Rajesh Kumar , New Delhi

Ques: What were tashan, Raju and Rancho according to the title of a Raj kumar Hiranki Films ?

Ans : 3 idiots

Ques : Which of these is not an alternative were for the popular street shau " Golgappe" ?

1. Phuchka  2. Gupchup  3. Boballutu  4. Panipuri

Ans : Boballutu

Ques : Which number is called  " sitar " in Arabic ?

Ans : Zero

Ques : Who wrote the words of this song (" sare re jaha se aacha, hindutan hamara ") ?

Ans : Mohd. Iqbal

Ques :What type of Animal was Laika the first living creature to be sent in to space in 1957 ?

1. Cat  2. Dog  3. Rat  4. Goat

Ans : Dog

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