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KBC 27th EPISODE QUESTIONS : 24th November


Episode of 23rd November 2010 : Wednesday

Continuing with Rajesh Kumar, New Delhi

Ques : In 2010, Who became the world chess champion three times in a Row ?

Ans : Vishwanathan Anand

Ques : Which country's Monarch is called "Dragon King" in that country's local language ?

Ans : Bhutan

Ques : After which war did India's foreign exchange reserves drop to 11 days Import ?

Ans : Gulf War 1991

Ques: Which cricketer has been bowled the Maximum no. of times in ODIs?

1. Virendar Sehwag  2. Brain Lara   3. Sachin Tendulkar   4. Sanath Jayasurya

Ans : Sachin Tendulkar, 66 times

Ques: Who was the first Indian to be awarded Pakistan's highest civilian honour, the Nishan- e-Pakistan ?

1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee   2. Morarji Desai   3.  Dilip Kumar  4. Shatraghan Sinha

Ans : Morarji Desai

Ques: Which country's passport did subhas chandra Bose use to enter Russia after his escape from India in 1941 ?

1. Japan   2.  Germany   3.  Italy    4.  Poland

Ans : Italy

Rajesh Kumar Won 3 lakh 20 thousand

Starting with Rajeshsingh, He is from Khusinagar, Ahmedabad

Ques : What does the phrase " Chatkaare lekar Khaana ", means ?

Ans : Enjoying food

Ques : How are politician Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi related ?

Ans : Paternal Cousin.

Ques : "Lathmar Holi" is played in which of these towns , also believed to be the birth place of Radha ?

1.  Bareily  2.  Barmar  3. Barsana   4.  Banaras

Ans : Barsana

to be continued with Rajesh singh, on Thursday , Date : 25 Nov 2010

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