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KBC 30th EPISODE QUESTIONS : 30th November


Episode of 30th November 2010 : Tuesday

QUES : In the 2009, General elections, which of these parties compaign slogan was " Mazboot Neta, Nirnayak Sarkar" ?

1.Indian National congress
2.Trinamool congress
3.Bhartiya Janata party
4. CPI(M)

Ans: Bhartiya Janata Party

Ques: From which of these places can you get a view of the Mount Everest and KanchenJunga ?

Ans: Dargeeling

Ques: The author of which of these Epics also apperas as a character in it ?

Ans: Mahabharata

SHRIRAM BARUPAL won 3 lakh 20 thousand

Starting with Keshav kumar Jalan:- 

Question 1: Which expression would you use to describe someone who acts
friendly but says hurtful things?
A. Dodhari Talwar
B. Chaku Ki nok
C. Bandook Ki naal
D. Meethi Chhuri

Answer:Meethi Chhuri
Keshaw Kumar Jalan locked option D and won Rs 5,000.

Question 2: Khali, Undertaker and Kane are associated with which of
these sports?
A. Boxing
B. WWE (Wrestling)
C. Weightlifting
D. Martial Arts

Answer: WWE (Wrestling)

Question 3: Which actor is the brand ambassador of the Tourism
Ministry's advertising campaign 'Atithi Devo Bhava'?
A. Shah Rukh Khan
B. Salman Khan
C. Saif Ali Khan
D. Aamir Khan

Answer: Aamir Khan
Keshaw Kumar Jalan locked option D and won Rs 20,000.

Question 4: A person suffering from which of these diseases may need to
take insulin injections?
A. Chikungunya
C. Diabetes
D. Dengue

Answer: Diabetes
Keshaw Kumar Jalan decided to use his first lifeline, audience poll and
on seeing results locked C and won Rs 40,000.

Question 5: Which actor speaks these line?
/(A Dialogue from Chupke Chupke)/
A. Rajesh Khanna
B. Dharmendra
C. Shashi Kapoor
D. Sanjeev Kumar

Answer: Dharmendra
Keshaw Kumar Jalan confidently locked option B and won Rs 80,000.

Question 6: Which of these is the only Indian state to have its own
A. Sikkim
B. Tripura
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Manipur

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Question 7: Which automobile company owes its origins to a firm set up
by Sajnay Gandhi?
A. Premier Automobiles
B. Hindustan Motors
C. Maruti Udyog
D. Mahindra and Mahindra

Answer: Maruti Udyog

Question 8: Which country won the 2009 Nehru Cup in football?
A. Kyrgystan
B. Lebanon
C. Syria
D. India
Answer: India

Question 9: Who was the first town in India to attain 100% literacy?
A. Kochi
B. Kottayam
C. Thiruvanathapuram
D. Kozhikode

Answer: Kottayam

Question 10: Which of these countries has a Head of State called Chairman?
A. Zambia
B. Myanmar
C. Laos
D. Zimbabwe

Answer: Myanmar
Clueless Keshaw Kumar Jalan decided to quit the show by taking home Rs
12.50 lakh.

Keshav Kumar Jalan won Rs 12.50 lakh from Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 4 (KBC4)

Starting with Shubhi Awasthi on Wednesday dated 01 Dec 2010.

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