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KBC EPISODE 22 QUESTIONS : 16th November


Tuesday KBC Questions with Answers are as follows: 

Starting with Uresh Shankar Rai, 
He is from Howrah, West Bengal .

Ques : Which of these personalities is Married to a Miss world ?
Ans : Abhishek Bachchan

Ques: Which of these is the word for the group of seven 'SWARS' in Indian Music ?
Ans : Sargam

Ques : Which of this events in India is performed with the help of " EVMs"?
Ans : Election

Ques : Which of these would you find near the Bodhi Tree, the site where Gautama Buddha attained enlightement ?

Ans : MahaBodhi Temple

Ques : Kavaratti is the capital of which Union Territory ?

Ans : Lakshadweep

Ques : Which of these Indian currency notes has an illustration of the Dandhi March ?

Ans : Five Hundred

Ques :Which Minerals are Mined from the San Jose Mine, Chile, that collapsed in 2010 trapping 33 miners for more than two months ?

Ans : Coal & Daimond
Here Uresh won 3 lakh 20 thousand

Now starting with Monika Jaiswal, she is from Varanasi

Ques :If a "Doorbhash" is being used which of these is in use ?
Ans : Telephone

Ques : Which of these is cut and Dried to make "Amchur "?
Ans : Raw Mango

Ques :In a compass , used to determine direction, what does the needle point towards ?

Ans : Magnetic Poles

Ques : In the context of wild Life, what are Keoladeo Ghana, Kazir ranga, Sunderbans, and Ranthambore ?

Ans : National Parks

Ques: Which of these countries was created 63 yeras ago ?

Ans : Pakistan

Ques : which of the events was hosted by New Delhi in 1951 & 1982 ?
Ans : Asian Games

Ques : The 108th constitutional Amendments Bill reserves 33 % seats in the Indian Parliament for whom ?
Ans : Women

Ques : Which poet is believed to have been borne with teeth considered by some to be a bad omen ?
Ans : Tulsi Das
To be continued on Wednesday with Monika Jaiswal in 23rd Episode of KBC

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