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KBC 31st EPISODE QUESTIONS : 1st December

KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI SEASON 4 - 2010Episode of 1st December 2010 : Wednesday

Starting with Subhi Awasthi

Ques: According to a rhyme, chandu's chacha fed what to chandu's  with a chandi ki chamach" ?

Ans: Chatni

Ques: Which two gases combine to form water ?

Ans: Hydrogen & oxygen

Ques: In cricket, which of these can occur in a Test Match but not an ODI ?

Ans: Follow on

Ques: The case in which Ram Prasad Bismil and his comrades carried away British wealth from a train is referred to as what?

Ans: Kakori consiperacy

Ques:Who was the Indian P.M during US president George W Bush's visit to India ?

Ans: Manmohan Singh

Ques: Which of these Himalayan peaks is named after another name of goddess parvati ?

1. Kailasa

Ans: Annapurna

Game Ends for Subhi Awasthi at Ten thousand only

Starting the Game with New Player : Nisha Sushil Gupta , She is from Nagpur

Ques: According to a folk tale, the  rabbit loses to the torroise in what kind of competition ?

Ans: Race

Ques: Which of these games is played on a table ?

Ans: Snooker

Ques: Which of these is celebrated as the first day of the New Year ?

Ans: Gudi Padwa

Ques: Which of these planets positioned between sun and venus ?

1. Earth  2.  Saturn  3.  Jupitor  4.  Mercury

Ans: Mercury

Ques :Which song and slogan did the congress party use in the 2009 general election ?

1. Jao ho
2. Chak De India
3. Maa Tujhe Salam
4. Yeh Jo desh Hai Mera

Ans: Jai Ho

Ques: Which of these Mosques was constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ?

1. Jama Masid, Fetehpur sikiri
2. Badshahi, Masjid, Lahore
3. Jama Masid, Delhi
4. Moti Masjid, Delhi

Ans: jama Masjid, Delhi

Ques: Who has been the Most recent woman recipient of the Bharat Ratna ?

1.M S SubhaLakshmi  2.  Indira Gandhi  3.  Mother Teresa  4.  Lata Mangeshwar

Ans: Lata Mangeshwar

Ques: Which one of the following helped Lord Krishnain alaying the demon Narakasura ?

1. Radha  2.  Subhadra

3. Satya Bhama  4.  Rukmini

Ans:  Satya  Bhama

Ques: In Which of these countries did twin brother serve as president and prime Minister ?

1. Ukraine  2.  Poland 3. Finland  4.  Sweden

Ans: Poland

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