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KBC 33rd EPISODE QUESTIONS : 6th December

  Grand Finale Episode of KBC-4


Episode of 6th  December 2010 : Monday

 Starting with Manoj Kumar, He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Special Guest : Madhuri Dixit

Today's Experts are : Harish Shetty and Radio FM RJ' Jeans

Questions are :

Ques: According to a Hindi Proverb, How many ' Shikars ' can be done by a Single ' teer ' ?

1.    12      2. 6       3.  2         4.  10

Ans : 2


Ques: Identify the Film from this Song ?

" Barso Re Megha Megha"

1. Raavan   2. Guru   3.  Yuva  4.  Dil Se

Ans: Guru , Singer : Shera Ghosal


Ques : What is a " Mudrika", usually worn as Jewellery ?

1. Nathuni  2.  Jhumka  3. Anguthi   4.  Bichhua

Ans: Anguthi


Ques: Which of these rivers does not originate from a Glacier ?

1.  Ganga  2.  Narmada  3.  Brahmaputra  4.  Yamuna

Ans: Narmada


Ques: Who is the Sub of the Song " De di Humein Azadi Bina Kharag bina Dhaal" written by Kavi Prasad ?

1. Mahatma Gandhi 2. Jawarlala Nehru  3. Sardar Patel  4. Vivekananda

 Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Ques: Whi is the first Member of the Scindia family from Gwalior to be the chief Minister of a state ?

1. Rajmata vijayraje scindia 2. Vasundhara raje scindia  3. Madhav rao scindia  4.Yashadhara raje Scindia

Ans :Vasundhara raje scindia 


Ques:Which of these festivals was called "Nigah Dast" in the Mughal Period ?

1. Raksha Bandhan  2. Holi  3.  Dussehra  4. Vasant panchami

Ans: Raksha Bandhan


Ques:Who was Muttiah Muralidharan 800th Test Victim ?

1. Ishant Sharma  2. Harbhajan Singh  3. MS Dhoni  4. Pragyan ojha

Ans: Pragyan ojha


Ques: Which plant reputedly signifies destruction when it flowers every 48 years in Mizoram ?

1. Hallock  2. Bamboo  3. pine  4.  Himalayan Maple

Ans: Bamboo


Ques: Which of these countries was the first to have a P.M named Man Mohan ?

 1. Maurtius  2. India  3. Nepal  4. Fiji

Ans: Nepal


Now the Question for One Crore


Ques: What is "51826 Kalpana Chawla ", named after a scientist of India Origin ?

1. A Satellite of Mars 2. A Star  3. A Crater on Jupitor  4. An Asteroid

Ans: An Asteroid


Manoj Kumar quit the Game for 50 Lakhs.


Playing with Madhuri Dixit from Wild Card Entry

Here are few conversational questions between Madhuri Dixit and Amitabh Bachchan


Question from Amitabh Bachchan to Madhuri :


Madhuri Ki Kaun Si Adaa Aapko asbse achchi Lagti Hai ?

1. Inki  Aankhe  2. Inki  Zulfein  3. Inki Muskaan  4.  Inki Kamar ki Lackah


Madhuri to Amitabh Bachchan


Ques: What do you like most about yourself ?

1. Apni Awaaz  2. Apni  Height  3. Apni  Looks  4.  Apni Acting

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