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KBC 35th EPISODE QUESTIONS : 8th December


Episode of 8th  December 2010 : Wednesday

Playing with Mahaveer Hari  Prasad   

Episode Questions are as follows :

Ques: Who became the first actor to win the film fare Award for 'Best Actor' in 1954 ?

1. Dilip kumar  2.  Bharat Bhusan  3.  Raj Kapoor   4. Dev Anand

Ans: Dilip kumar
Mahaveer prasad Won : Rs. 6,40,000/-

Playing with Next Player : " Kiran Pathak", she is from Allahabad

Ques: Whose House will a married woman go to, if she is going to her Naihar ?

1. Husband's House  2. Brother-in-law's House  3. Father's house 4. Mother-in-law's House

Ans: Father's House

Ques: In the Surdas bhajan ' Maiya Mori Main Nahin Maakhan Khaayo', who is reffered to as " Maiya Mori "?

1. Devaki  2. Yashoda  3.Kaushalya  4. subhadra

Ans: Yashoda

Ques:The ash from which of these caused disrupth caused Air traffic in parts of Europe in April 2010 ?

1. Volcano  2.  Jungle fire  3.  oil well blast  4.  Wall

Ans: Volcano

Ques:In which states would you find the districts of Gautam Buddha Nagar, saint Ravi Das Nagar and Sant Kabir Nagar ?

1. Uttarakhand  2. Uttar Pradesh  3.Madhya Pradsh  4.  Chattisgarh

Ans: Uttar Pradsh

Ques: Which former first lady of the US has been appointed to selves in a President cabinet ?

1. Laura Bush  2.  Naney  Reagan  3. Hillary  clinton  4.Rosalyna  cartes

Ans:Hillary  clinton

Ques: With which poem would you associate the line, " chaah Nahin main surbaala ke Gehanon mein ghutha Jaaaon" ?
 1. Ganga ki vidaai 2. Neer ka Nirman phir  3. Pushp ki Abhilasha  4. yeh Kadamb ka Ped

Ans: Pushp ki Abhilasha

Ques: Which Industrial ground was founded by Anil Agarwal ?

1. caparo  2.  vedanta   3. Biocon  4.  Videocon

Ans: Vedanta

Ques: Which of these countries has the same time zone of india ?

1. Nepal   2. Srilanka  3.  Bhutan  4. Bangladesh

Ans: Srilanka

Kiran Pathak quit the game for Rs.12,50,000/-

Final Episode / Grand Finale Episode of KBC-4 on Thrusday (09-Dec-2010)

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