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Episode of 9th  December 2010 : Thrusday

Starting with Shailesh kumar Yadav , He is from Kanpur.

Episode Questions are as follows :-

Ques: If some body is in a " Hawalat", where would he is ?

1. In Haweli Island    2. In Jail     3.Inside Hawa Mahal    4. In Palanquin

Ans: In Jail

Ques: Which film features this song ?

" Kajraree- Kajraree"

1. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom   2.  Dil Bole Hadippa   3. Bunty Aur Babli   4.  Saathaiya

Ans: Bunty Aur Babli

Ques: Which of these continents does not have any countries ?

1. Australia  2.  Antartica   3.  Africa  4. Europe

Ans: Antarctica

Ques: From What is the "Panchagavya", often used in a Hindu Puja Ritual, obtained ?

1. Fruits  2.  Mountains  3.  Trees  4.  Cow

Ans: Cow

Ques: If you are using a " Sukhmadarshi", which of these are you using ?

1. Microscope  2.  Super Computer  3.  Telescope   4.  Micrometer

Ans: Microscope

Ques: Which bowler scored two consecutive centuries in the 2010  India- NZ test series ?

1. Zaheer Khan  2.  Harbhajan Singh  3.  SreeSanth  4.  Ishant Sharma

Ans: Harbhajan  Singh

Ques: Which of these was awarded the right to one-third of the disputed land at Ayodhya by the Allahabad High court ?

1. Nirmohi Akhada    2.  Niranjani Akhada   3.  Nirmal  Akhada    4.  Udasin Akhada

Ans:  Nirmohi Akhada

Ques: From which city did Indian soldiers in the British Army begin the revolt of 1857, after the death of Mangal Pandey ?

1. Dum Dum   2.  Meerut   3.  Kanpur  4. Jhansi

Ques: Which of Munshi Premchand's works inspired the name of a train connecting Mumbai and Gorakhpur ?

1. Seva Sadan  2.  Godaan  3.  Gaban  4.  Rangbhumi

Ans: Godaan

Starting with Nilesh Bahule, Pune

Ques: Which of these would you describe the Hindi expression Aqual ka Dushman ?

1. crorepati   2. Kangaal  3.  Deewana  4.  Murkh

Ans:  Murkh

Ques: Which of these former chief Minister son is a film star ?

Ans: Vilashrao Desh Mukh

Ques: what does the "MRP" of an item indicate ?

1. Quality  2.  Cost  3.  Company Name  4.  store name

Ans: Cost

Ques: Who is Aditi in this Song ?

1. Aditi Govitrikar    2.  Shruti  Haasan  3.  Genelia D' souza  4. Jacqualine fernandez

Ans: Genelia D' Souza

Ques: Which of these diseases can be Prevented by a vaccine ?

1. Breast cancer    2.  Diabetes    3.  Hepatitis A    4. AIDS

Ans: Hapatitis A

Ques: Which of these cities usually hosts the winter session of a state assembly ?

1. Nagpur  2. Srinagar  3.  Ooty  4. Mysore 

Ans: Nagpur

Ques: The Indian cricket team became no 1 in the ICC Test rankings for the first time under whose captaincy ?

1. Sourav Ganguly   2. Rahul Dravid  3. Anil Kumble  4.  Ms Dhoni 

Ans: MS Dhoni

Ques: Who was the first women from the Nehru family to became President of the India National Congress ?

1. Kamala Nehru  2. Indira Gandhi  3. Sonia Gandhi  4.  Vijay Lakshmi Pandit


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