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Kalapani se Nikla 5 Crore ka question

5 Crore Question emerged from " Kalapani"

All the 13 Question that was asked to Sushil Kumar ;

All the 13 Question no of  5 Crore Question asked
from Sushil Kumar by Amitabh Bachchan

Sushil Kumar was on the Hot-Seat and the question worth Rs. 5 Crore was on the Screen  and the time was 12:50 PM;

5 Crore Ques : In Year 1868, who's rule came to an end in Andaman and Nicobar Island ?

Sushil Kumar get in to a Confusion, but he had two life line. He was full aware of the fact that  Anadaman and Nicobar Island was Famous for " Kalapani" during the Indian Independence Fight. Cellular Jail was known for the prison . 

Sushil on Monday Night used his third Lifeline as Phone -O-friend Option , He made his call to Rajkiya Madhya Vidalaya ' Teacher " Shayam Kishor Prasad ", but he didnot get any Help.

Then Sushil has two Options weather to Quit or, go for Double Dip. In Confusion , He remembered God and Family and won the 5 Crore by giving the right answer as the rule of Denmark.

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