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Chath Parva

Chath Parva is related to health

our fasts and festival are scientific and salubrious

Chath Parva is a big festival of north east state. It is a scientific and salubrious occasion of Indian tradition. Our ancestors had made many unique experiments for enrichment of our health by mixing science and religion together. Chath Parva is also a beautiful combination of religion and science. Chath Parva is celebrated on the sixth day of Kartik Shukla Paksha. 

“Chath Parva is an occasion of celebrating chhati maiya and offering of libation to the uttrayan sun.” 

Usually its preparation start after diwali. During the Chath Parva cleanliness of body, mind, house, kitchen, utensils, streets, cities, mohallas-towns, pathways, tanks-pools, haat-ghat, canals and rivers is done. Our ancestors have associated the importance of cleanliness with Chath parva in such a manner that a little bit of negligence in cleaning will result in curse of chath maiya.

Coordination of natural, materialistic, moral, physical, mental, self and spiritual health has been made in chath parva in a unique way. The scientificness of Chath is self-evident and unchallenged. 

“Chath is not only related to our faith, it is also related to our health. It has been proved scientifically.”

From the view point of nature: 
Water of river, pool, lake, pond is the basis of life. For this very reason rivers in our country have been given the status of mother. Waves of ponds, tanks, lakes and rivers are the symbol of life. Farmer irrigates his farms by the life giving water sources and produce food grain for the nation. The best part of the worship of five elements of nature, i.e. earth, water, fire, sky and air is hidden in this Chath parva. Today we have polluted these five elements. The existence of life can be saved only through their cleanliness. Melting of glaciers, all types of natural calamities and disasters are the result of our ill treatment towards nature. Pollution is the result of this ill behaviour. 
"Offering water (arghya) also has scientific meaning and relevance, when we offer water to rising sun.... water stream filter harmful ultra violet rays (U.V.A.) and only beneficial rays fall upon our body."

From the social view point: 
Chath parva eliminates the difference of small-big, high and low, caste and community. Everyone becomes equal socially. Chath is the unique parva of antyodaya, Sarvodaya and social good will.

From moral view point:
During the Chath parva, the emotions of cooperation and companionship develops which evokes divine moral qualities in us. Compassion, non violence and capability develop in us. Propagation and expansion of Asceticism, sacrifice, truth, love takes place.

From spiritual point of view:
Scientific fasts done on Kharna and Chath day are a sign of unique penance fire of penance destroys all the invisible enemies, jealousy, prejudice, disappointment, sorrow, fear, complex, violence etc. Rising sun is the symbol of life where as setting sun is the symbol of death. Birth and death are supplementary to each other. The destruction of old is the arrival of new. Chath parva gives us this message-get up, awake, go and recognise yourself. From the point of physical health. During the Chath Parva physical, environmental, social and ambient cleanliness is important from the point of health care, and health promotion. The main point of Chath parva is to offer libation to the sun rising and setting in the water. It has special importance. Chath Parva is the treasure of health, energy and power. Chath parva is the scientific Mahanushthan of 'Surya Snan' (Sun bath). Deepawali is the onset of winter. Sun travels over tropic of Cancer.

consequently the sun rays, sun heat and sun light fall oblique and for short duration on earth. Unique power is involved in sun rays. It is the life of creatures and vegetation. when sun rays fall on the body, the sun rays make reaction with agestiraul which is right under skin, it means ultraviolet sun rays make reaction with 7 dehydrocholestrol in the presence of calcium and phosphorus and make urgocalferal (vitamin D2) and colecalciferal (vitamin D3).

Clecalciferal mens vitamin D3 is not only a vitamin but is a life saving miraculous steroid harmone which provides protection against every type of diseases. Based on the scientific researches made in different countries, it has been found that lack of sun-bathing causes 100 types of fatal diseases. Diabetes, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and bone pain, osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, colan rectal cancer, prostate cancer, ovary cancer, uterus cancer, breast cancer, multiple skelerosis, rickets, calcium deficiency and harmonal imbalance are few of them. Vitamin D-3 intake stops the growth of cancer cells. Sun bath gives 40% benefit in prostate and colan rectal, ovary and breast cancer.

According to a recent survey:
Breast cancer cells have vitamin D receptors. These receptors attract vitamin D as magnet. These receptor absorbs vitamin D in adequate quantity and get activated by absorbing them. A unique chain reaction of atoms starts. which reduces the growth of cancereous cells. Sometimes this chain reaction destroys the cancereous cell. According to the journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry vitamin D obtained from sun bath sharpens intellectual capability, memory power, mental alertness, intellect and the capability of dhriti .It cures depression, complex, frustration. In Chath Parva water is offered to rising and setting sun. Fall of water on continuous and uniform level from the container while offering water make a jalsikar punj which filter the harmful ultraviolet rays (U.A.V.) of sun.

 Useful and beneficial rays fall upon body which make us disease free by bio-chemical process and improves our health. One hour time before sunset and two hours time after sunrise in most beneficial for sunbath, either without wearing any clothes except coppin wearing at least cotton clothes. "This time is the most suitable time for sun bath. Take sun bath for two hours in the morning and for one hour in the evening everyday in every season. Take adequate sun bath from Chath to Makar Sankranti. To gradually reduce the time of taking sun bath, the festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated as a ritual in the whole world on 14th January. In western countries sunday is fixed as holiday for taking sunbath.

How to perform Chath in a scientific manner:
 From many centuries old, scientific and religious ceremonies and traditions become affected by some defects and distortions. Traditions loose their basic objective and aim and conventions take birth. Believing conventions is making fun of religion. 

To observe religious and scientific ceremonies is the right use of God gifted talent, remove conventions from traditions and add science and religion to them. keep fast one day before Kharna (Chath) with complete purity and take only neembu-pani-honey or take sugarcane juice or fruit juice. People suffering from diabetes should not take honey and sugar cane juice in Chati Vrat (fast). These people can have the juice of vegetable like lauki, kakri, tomato, spinach, coriander etc. You can drink only water on Chat day
and on the seventh day after offering water to sun at sunrise, take one glass juice of orange, maushmi, Chakotra or Galgal Chakotra of red-yellow pulp, contained in prasad. If possible stick to the juice that day. On second day drink water in the morning empty stomach and take juice after sunrise. Take one roti and boiled vegetable in the midday meal, take one roti and subzi in the evening. 

On third day, take two roties and subzi in meal. Take fruit and milk in morning in breakfast and have vegetable juice in the noon. It will make the Chat Parva a scientific festival of freedom from diseases and a festival of complete age (Purnaya). It will not only make us diseases free but our life will belong and we will be 'Ayushmaan.' festival of faith, devotion, trust, goodwill and purity, i.e. the festival of Chath will be the festival of freedom from diseases and festival of joy and happiness in the real sense. 

According to the researches made by the scientists of N.I.A. (National Institute of Ageing), celebrating any such festival by keeping fast can control blood sugar, cholestrol, B.M.R, paraoxidation, free oxygen radical, hydroxil radical, hydrogen paraoxide, super oxide, cross linking process, it means that it destroys and controls such chemical processes and poisonous cells which are the cause of ageing (oldage) and disease. During the period of fast cancer generating cells prohiyoblastic get destroyed and controlled. All parts of the digestive system such as stomach, abdomen, spleen, all rest. Their work efficiency increase. 

During the period of Chat fast, physical, neurological, mental, spiritual rest is made. Auto heeling, auto monitoring and immune system gets activated. Fast has specail importance in Chath. 'Up' means near and 'Vas' means to reside, means a scientific upvas (fast) in Chath gives us an auspicious opportunity to live in the company of loving goddess of bravery, power and courage, 'Mother Chathi Maiya' and in the company of lord Bhaskara, who is the unending source of energy, health, happiness and light, who is Jeevandata and Bhagyavidhata. a healthy sadhak celebrating Chath festival, become loaded with these divine powers and energies and get engulfed in them. 


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