iPhone is going to be banned in India! TRAI ordered

TRAI is going to ban iPhone in India.

The heart of the matter in this case is the TRAI’s DND 2.0 App which TRAI has mandated all “Access Providers” to include in their App Stores.

The heart of the matter in this case is the TRAI’s DND 2.0 App which TRAI has mandated all “Access Providers” to include in their App Stores. This app not only allows a user to block spammers like tele marketing services, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc. but also helps TRAI to track in real time who those spammers are and instantly blacklist them or take action against them.


So basically, its not about iPhones per se, but Apple not making this app available in their App Store which is causing discomfort to TRAI. While Google took heed of TRAI’s directive and included this app in their Android Play Store immediately, Apple is holding this app citing more intrusive access permissions resulting in user’s breach of privacy:

DND 2.0 app in Android Play Store

Now where does the question of intrusive access permissions arise? As I said, the app not just blocks the spammer for that particular smart-phone user, but also sends back telephonic data to TRAI in real-time so that TRAI can get to know who the spammer is and block them in their database too. In order to do that, TRAI needs to collect some data through the app which requires some aggressive access to telephony, call logs, etc. and this is where the disagreement arises between Apple and TRAI – Apple doesn’t want to allow the app in their store as it believes that it violates their user’s privacy.

Apple had similar privacy tussles with other app developers before too, most notably, Uber. More than care for user privacy, I think its a perception battle for Apple. Since Google doesn’t seem to have any grand ambition to come off as a privacy champion for their users (they earn mostly through advertising revenue), they didn’t give any second thoughts before allowing the DND 2.0 app in their Play Store. But since Apple is facing declining sales in their Macbook Pro and iPhone lines with growing number of Chinese competitors in recent years, they are trying to secure their only advantage in the game which others don’t have – User Privacy.

Apple is playing the long game here. Considering that European Union passed the GDPR laws last year and other countries are about to follow suit soon, Apple understands that Privacy is going to be a huge selling point in coming years across the world, especially in technology business. Hence, it appears that Apple is even willing to forego as large a market as India in order to maintain their privacy standards.



Novel Coronavirus, originated in December 2019 is a viral disease spread worldwide.  It has been reported that Threat Actors are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a cyber attack vector for their own notorious gains. 

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of victims increased craving for information about the Novel Coronavirus due to fear and uncertainity associated with it as the outbreak of the disease is progressing worldwide.



The Threat actors employed references related to COVID-19 in phishing attacks to steal information and drop additional malware. 


Threat actors devise following new strategies to target victims with scams or malware campaigns:

Use of Legitimate corporate branding in the name of COVID-19 to send malware to victims
Using names of trusted organizations in phishing attacks in order to attain credibility and to lure victims to further open attachment Using promotional code Coronavirus Maps
"COVID19" as discount codes used by different hacking groups to promote their goods (malicious malware or exploit tools) for financial gain sold over dark net Trojan being delivered via Android app that lures victims offering Coronavirus safety mask upon installation. Coronavirus tracker App that takes away access of android microphone and camera once installed.



Best Practice and Recommendations

The majority of the infections are primarily introduced via phishing emails, malicious adverts on websites, and third-party apps and programs. Hence, thoughtfully designed security awareness campaigns that stress the avoidance of clicking on links and attachments in email, can establish an essential pillar of defense. Allow remote access to the organization's network strictly with two-factor authentication. Systems having antivirus and a malware protection program on it and making sure they are always up to date with latest signatures.

Administrators applying strict application whitelisting, blocking unused ports, turning off unused services, and monitoring outgoing traffic to prevent infections from occurring.

Checking all services and devices for remote access for updates of firmware and security patches. Internet-facing open ports of remote-control services are a key target for attacks. Disable use of Macros in Microsoft office. COVID-19 used VBA Macros as an initial step for targeting victims. 


Screen Sharing Fraud is a new way for online scammers to
gain access to your personal and financial information.
Fraudsters are on a lookout to defraud by convincing you to download
a third party application and get full control over your device.

Protect your SBI Card from frauds


Screen Sharing or Mirroring App Fraud is a new scam where Fraudsters ask users to install a third party screen-sharing application in order to assist you online or to update some documents. These apps may or may not be malware, but they do grant complete access of your device to the scammer.

There are hundreds of free screen-sharing application available all over the internet. These apps were originally used by engineers to fix issues on a phone/computer from a remote location. These apps allow full access and control to the user’s device.


Fraudster approaches the user imposing to be from a financial institution/bank or an online service provider.
They will ask user to download a third party screen-sharing application on their device to solve an issue immediately.
Instead of asking user to share their card, bank details, UPI PIN or OTP, fraudster will ask users to type in the details.
While user thinks they are being helped, fraudster use the opportunity to record the user’s card number, CVV code and send an OTP for transferring funds into their own account through an SMS.
Remember, screen-sharing apps allow access to your device. Fraudsters view the OTP received on the user’s device and use it for transferring funds to their own account.

Do not download any unknown/unauthorized application on your device.
Do not permit any third-party application to be installed on your device.
If you see any notification asking you to allow a particular application to make changes to your device immidiately 'Deny' and decline.
Report any such call/suspicious activity on the helpline number mentioned at the back of your credit card.
SBI Card will never ask you to install any third-party application on your device.
Do not install an application on anyone's request. It may be used to grant full control of your phone/laptop/desktop/tablet to the person on the other end
and help him/her view your personal and financial information such as card credentials/account details/personal photographs from a remote location.


What is Vishing?
Vishing is a combination of Voice and Phishing that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, wherein, fraudsters attempt to collect your personal data, pretending to be calling on behalf of your bank or credit card company.

Please note that we will never ask you for any confidential data like credit card CVV, PIN, login credentials, password, One Time Password (OTP), etc.

If you have any suspicions about any such request being made to you, please call up the helpline to confirm the request.
You can call the SBI Card helpline at:

39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290

Contact us if you suspect any fraudulent activity or transaction in your account, please call our SBI Card helpline.
You can also report such incidents at feedback@sbicard.com.


What is Phishing?
Phishing is an act of attempting to acquire information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details by disguised entities with malicious intent. It can be in the form of an email, SMS, website screen or pop-up that appears to be from your bank or card issuer. Please note that we will never ask for any confidential data like login credentials, password, One Time Password (OTP), CVV or PIN.

Follow these simple steps to protect yourself:

Do not disclose your CVV, One Time Password (OTP), online account ID and password or any other sensitive information to anyone, including SBI Card representatives.
Do not open attachments in emails coming from strange or unknown sources, as they may contain virus or Trojan, which transmit keyed-in details to phishers.
Type the web address in the browser whenever you intend to visit the SBI Card online account. Do not use links provided in emails sent from unknown resources.
Change all your passwords frequently and from your personal computer.
Avoid the use of cyber cafés and public kiosks for online transactions or for accessing your SBI Card online account.
Prefer the use of virtual keyboard for logging into your SBI Card online account.
Log out from your account and then close the browser window, after completing your transaction.
Check the last log in date and time details in your online account everytime you log in.
Register your email and mobile number with SBI Card so that you can get regular alerts about your account.
Check your SBI Card statements properly for any suspicious transactions. If you ever notice any unauthorised transactions, immediately report the same to SBI Card helpline.
Install effective antivirus, anti-spyware and personal firewall on your computer and mobile phone and update them regularly.
Check the site you want to transact on for secure symbols like https:// or the padlock icon.
How to report a Phishing attempt?
If you ever get an email, which you suspect has been sent with intent of phishing, please forward the original email to us at feedback@sbicard.com


What is Skimming?
Skimming is the act of illegally copying data from the magnetic stripe of a credit, debit or ATM card.

The card number and/or details are procured using basic methods such as photocopying receipts or more advanced methods such as using a small electronic device called skimmer to swipe and store hundreds of such credit card numbers. Skimming can be done at restaurants, bars, gas stations and retail counters where the physical use of card is done.

How to prevent your card from getting skimmed:

Review your credit card statements properly and regularly. If you ever observe a disputed or suspicious transaction, report the same to our helpline immediately
Remember to collect your card after transaction.
Do not handover your SBI Card to anyone including company representatives
Cover your keypad while you are typing in your PIN number. Use your hand and body to cover your keypad when operating a handheld pin-pad or a payment processing machine like an ATM. This will prevent shoulder surfers and pinhole cameras from observing your PIN number
Always ensure that your card is swiped in your presence. Pay at the terminal instead of giving your card to a waiter for payment processing, after dining at restaurants.

Ques : What was the name of all the three soccer clubs set up with the help of Mahatma Gandhi in the early 20th century at Durban, Pretoria and johannesburg?

Ques : What was the name of all the three soccer clubs set up with the help of Mahatma Gandhi in the early 20th century at Durban, Pretoria and johannesburg?
A. Truth Seekers
B. Non-Violents
C. Passive Resisters
D. Non-Cooperators
Ans : C. Passive Resisters

Ques : During his six-year sentence in Mandalay Jail in Burma, which book did Bal Gangadhar Tilak write?

Ques : During his six-year sentence in Mandalay Jail in Burma, which book did Bal Gangadhar Tilak write?
A.  India Wins Freedom
B. Freedom at Midnight
C. Srimad Bhagvad Gita Rahasya
D. Arctic Home in the vedas
Ans : C. Srimad Bhagvad Gita Rahasya

Ques : Who took the least number of innings to reach the landmark of 11,000 runs in ODI Cricket?

Ques : Who took the least number of innings to reach the landmark of 11,000 runs in ODI Cricket?

A. Virat Kohli
B. Ricky Ponting
C. Sourav Gangualy
D. Sachin Tendulkar
Ans : A. Virat Kohli

Kisan Credit Card Apply online - Bihar KCC Apply Here

Kisan Credit Card Scheme - Apply online

Kissan Credit Card KCC is now ready to enroll more and more farmers, In order to add more farmers from Animal Husbandry and fish farming side, the govt is giving an option to the farmers to Apply for KCC through Online.

Earlier the process was that Farmers go to Bank for their Application process. Recently in the meeting of SLBC - State level Bankers committee, this decision was taken.

A target for 10 lakh farmers has been given to the bank . Online process will ease the process for the farmers and will cut off the false documentation.


Features and benefits
  • Get interest at saving bank rate on credit balance in KCC account

  • Free ATM cum debit card (State Bank Kisan Card) for all KCC borrowers

  • Interest subvention @2%p.a.is available for loan amount uptoRs. 3 Lacs

  • Additional interest subvention @3% p.a.for prompt repayments

  • notified crops / notified areas are covered under crop insurance for all KCC loans

Eligibility :
  • All farmers – individuals/Joint cultivator owners

  • Tenant farmers, oral lessees and share croppers etc.

  • SHGs or Joint liability groups including tenant farmers.

Quantum of loan:
  • Quantum of loan for 1st year will be assessed on the basis of Cost of cultivation, post-harvest expenses and farm maintenance cost

  • For subsequent 5 year loan w¬ill be sanction on the basis of increase in scale of finance

Collateral Security :
  • Collateral security is waived for KCC limit uptoRs. 1 lac.

  • SanctionedKCClimit will beconsidered for the purpose of fixingcollateral security requirement

Rate of Interest :
  • Simple interest @7% p.awill be charged for one year or upto the repayment due date, whichever is earlier.

  • In case of non-repayment within the due dates interest is applied at card rate

  • Beyond due date interest will be compounded half yearly

Repayment :
The repayment period may be fixed as per the anticipated harvesting and marketing period for the crops for which a loan has been granted.
Documents required
  • Duly filled in application form

  • Identity proof- Voter ID card/PAN card/Passport/ Aadhaar card,/Driving License etc

  • Address proof: Voter ID card/Passport/Aadhaar card/Driving license etc

How to apply
Contact your nearest SBI branch for application and further details

In 1944, the Battle of Kanglatongbi was fought near which present day Indian state capital?

Question of one Crore asked from Charna Gupta :

Ques : In 1944, the Battle of Kanglatongbi was fought near which present day Indian state capital?

A. Itanagar
B. Imphal
C. Guwahati
D. Kohima
Ans : 

Bharatkraft ecommerece Portal for Marketing by Indian Government

Bharat Craft Portal will function soon

Central Government has started initiation for its e-commerce Portal named as "Bharat Craft", as it will be dedicated as e-commcerce Marketing tool. It will work as simple as Amazon and Alibaba. 

With this project government aims to generate the revenue of 10 lakh crore within 2-3 years. Bharat Kraft Portal will provide a launch pad for the MSME companies to sell their products.

How to Delink Aadhar Number with Paytm App?

Now you can Delink your Number with your Paytm

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to use New Aadhar and Mobile Number

Aadhar De-linking Process Paytm :

  • Login to Paytm App
  • Tap on three Horizontal Bars
  • Then visit 24x7 Help section.
  • Tap on Profile Setting and select issue - I want to update profile details and then select I want to update DOB, Gender and Name.
  • Tap on Message Us and fill in description.
  • Select Name and Upload any one original Document like Driving Licence, Voter ID, Passport, NREGA Card.
  • Upload Selfie
  • In the Description - Write My Aadhar Card is showing linked with Another account of Paytm.
Many people are facing problem to delink Aadhar with Paytm App. So we are providing you the simple steps for that. Here are the steps to delink Paytm with Aadhar Number are mentioned below :-

1. At first you have to login to Paytm app

2. Then Tap on three horizontal bars.

3. A drop down section will be opened where you have options like My Vouchers, Choose Language, 24x7 Help , My Paytm Settings etc… and you have to tap on 24x7 Help.

4. After Tapping on 24x7 Help , new section will be opened ,here we have options like Deals & Gift Cards , Paytm KYC , Report a Fraud , Profile Settings etc…and this time you have tap on ‘Paytm KYC’ option.

5. A new page will be opened with the title ‘Select an issue that decribes your problem’ , then you have to Select –“Issue in completing my KYC” option.

6. Again select- “Issue in completing my KYC”.

7. Tap on ’Message Us’ and mention in description-

My Aadhar card Aadhar Number is showing linked with another account at Paytm.

We have provided you the simple steps , now you can delink Aadhar with Paytm easily by following our instructions.

How To Delink Aadhaar From Bank Account And SIM Cards? How To Delink Aadhaar

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court passed a judgment regarding the Delink Aadhaar, that linking Aadhar with your bank account or SIM card is no longer mandatory and forcing anyone to do so shall be treated as unconstitutional. For those who have already linked their 12-digit identity number issued by UIDAI, could expect the bankers and telecom service providers to issue a streamlined process to unlink Aadhaar.

Unless you are receiving any direct benefit transfers (DBT) or subsidies in your bank account, you have every right to not share your Aadhaar details with the bank or your mobile service provider. In the case of DBT, the Aadhaar needs to remain linked. Also, note that PAN has to be linked to Aadhaar for income tax purposes.

UMID Medical Card Railway PVC Plastic Card Print online and Delivered Home

Welcome to


भारतीय रेल्वे मे स्मार्ट मेडिकल कार्ड सिस्टिम

Do you want to Print your 


Do you want to Print your UMID MEDICAL in PLASTIC FORMAT

We have two Options for that : 

आपको बस करना है की किसी भी डीटेल्स के साथ रेडी हो जाए - आपका प्लास्टिक कार्ड आपके घर तक 48 घंटे मे पहुँच जाएगा.

Alstone Hybrid Board WPC - Easy to use Just like wood


Like the fa‎mous phrase “All that glitters is not gold”, we say “There is WPC and then there is the QUALITY WPC – ALSTONE”!

There are many players in the WPC market today and compe‎tition is at an all-time high. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to decide who to believe and trust when picking up the material for your home’s furniture needs as every pla‎yer will vouch for the quality of its WPC.
However, quality is not just a word, rather, it a process of tangible and intangible assets that come together to form a great product – one that can be cherished for years.

Delhi University's School of Open Learning starts five online undergraduate courses .

In this digital age, everything is available on internet.So Delhi University's School of Open Learning (SOL) is going to start five undergraduate courses in the online mode this year. By this step of DU SOL students will be able to study from anywhere with the help of a Website that will have live streaming of lectures, e-books and easy access to study material.

The Director of SOL, CS Dubey has informed that their teachers have already developed the lectures and special tutors and interns have been hired.E-text materials, video lectures, audio-visual interactive materials, virtual classrooms sessions, podcast, virtual simulation and self assessment quizzes or tests are being prepared. 

The School is also planning to conduct its exams partially online and about 30 % of examinations will be conducted in phased manner.A new dashboard is being developed for this and students can get information and study materials too.

The five courses are given below:

1. B.A.
3. B.Com(Honours)
4.B.A (Honours) English
5.B.A.(Honours) Political Science

Last date to apply online : 

31.08.2019 with late fine Rs 200.

Fee at the time of enrollment/Admission :

1. B.A. Programme-Rs 3430/-
2.B.Com- Rs. 3530/-
3. B.Com(Honours) : Rs.3830/-
4.B.A (Honours) English : Rs. 3530/-
5.B.A.(Honours) Political Science Rs 3630/-
Physically Disabled candidates : Rs 65 Only

Payment will be done through Online mode and offline.
Candidates are suggested to pay through online mode.

Eligibility :

Passed 10+2/Intermediate with at least :

  • B.A. Programme &.B.Com-   40% marks aggregate 
  • B.Com(Honours) : Aggregate 50 %
  • B.A (Honours) English : Aggregate 65 % and 75 % in English.
  • B.A.(Honours) Political Science : Aggregate 50% marks .
How to apply ?

Visit Official Website and fill form carefully.

Beware while playing loudspeakers !!

The Bihar Government has provided 20 instruments to the Bihar Police to check the Sound Pollution in the  State .Now, police can file FIR against the law breaker by using this instruments.

Earlier, Bihar Police had no any instrument to check the level of Sound produced by loudspeakers/DJ etc. They only stopped playing music system against any complain related to Sound Pollution without seizing loudspeakers.

The level of sound must be below 45 decible ,if level rise then it violate the law ,and it will be a punishable act.There is a law on using loudspeaker already,people can play music below 45 decible from 6 AM to 10PM only.This Instrument is equipped with a printer and cost is around 1.5 lakh.

So people are suggested to play music ,keeping in mind not to rise the level beyond 45 decible ,otherwise you will be in jail at the cost of enjoyment.

Private Vendors will sell UTS tickets on Indian Railway Stations and Halts

Indian Railways is going to deploy jobless people to book unreserved tickets for railway passengers with the help of Computer and Internet connections at each railway station and halt.This will reduce the load on UTS counter and use of old fashioned tickets. By this step jobless people will get job too.

Railway Board has directed General Manager of each zone to work on this.Railways official says that they will hire agents to book tickets at each halt .This system will work under the vigilance of Commercial Supervisor,of nearest Railway Station.

Earlier this scheme is somehow working outside and Nearby Railway Junction to facilitate the Railway passengers with ease to get the Tickets. well, this is an opportunity to earn. 

Steps how to get Railway Ticket Vendor system:
  • The Steps are quite done by commercial department of Indian Railway. For the particular station you have to meet the commercial department officials in the respective Division.
  • Some Security money will be deposit in that concern and agreement will be signed for no of years.

5 Ways AI and Data are Powering Smart Cities of the Future

Artificial Intelligence and Data empowering Smart Cities

With city populations projected to expand exponentially in the next few decades, planners are working to keep pace with emerging technologies. Here are 5 key ways in which AI and big data are addressing these challenges by supporting the smart cities of the future.

The United Nations reports that by 2040, 65% of the world’s population will live in cities. With this exploding population density, city planners and private enterprises are looking for new ways to manage resources and provide for the public safety.
Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics are coming together to create the smart city of the future. With these technologies, smart city planners can develop better solutions to problems in these key areas:
Police are increasingly networked through body cameras and gunshot detectors to better support public safety and accountability. These devices not only help report problems and maintain accountability in law enforcement, but they also collect and report data to AI platforms that can use patterns of behaviour to inform large-scale public safety efforts in the future.
Likewise, more home owners and businesses are installing smart security systems that link their homes to smart platforms while allowing users more direct control. According to McKinsey & Company, these tools are helping to reduce crime by 30-40 percent.

Surveillance is also expanding as more public and private locations implement smart camera systems to protect their properties. With new HD and 4K security cameras hitting the security market, the global surveillance market surpassed $3 billion in 2017 with an expected annual growth rate of 14.6% between 2016 and 2021.

Smart devices linked to AI and databases are equipping healthcare professionals with advanced monitoring tools that help them treat patients faster and more effectively. These devices, linked to smart platforms, can also help these professionals respond to emergency situations faster. This also includes the capabilities to monitor patients remotely and avoid crisis situations and lower mortality rates
First responders are also able to link to these devices to better respond to emergency situations as they occur. Patients using remote devices in their homes can use them to signal emergency responders when an emergency strikes, lowering response time and providing peace of mind to those with debilitating medical conditions.

Can the IBPS RRB comes under EWS Reservation ?

Can the IBPS RRB comes under EWS Reservation ?

Yes , IBPS RRB comes under (Economic Weaker Section) EWS Reservation.
The Central Government has given 10% reservation quota to the Economic Weaker Sections (EWS) among General Category Candidates in all government jobs and educational institutions.

Who can get benifits of 10 % EWS Resevation Category?

The candidate who belongs to General Category.(No other category candidates(OBC-Creamy/Non-Creamy,SC,ST,Pwd) comes under this reservation,beacuse they have been given reservations in the constitution already.

OBC-Non Creamy Layer-27%
SC-15 %
Only General Category
  1. The Candidate whose family income from all source is less than Rs. 8 Lakhs
  2. The candidate's family having agricultural land is less than 5 acres.
  3. And Candidates's family residential flat is less than 1000 sq.ft.
  4. Residential plot owned by candidates family is less than 100 sq. yards(in notified muncipalities).
  5. Residential plot owned by your family less than 200 sq.yards (other than in notified muncipalities)
How can General Category candidates get EWS Certificate ? 
  1. Candidates have to apply for "Income Certificate and Asset Certificate" from the concerned government authority(DM/ADM/COLLECTOR/DC/ADC/1ST CLASS Megistrate/SDM/SDO/Tehsildar).
  2. The Income and Asset Certificate issued by the govt. authority in the prescribed format shall be produced as a proof of candidate's claim as "Belongs to EWS category "
Format of EWS Certificate

Best Book to prepare for Railway NTPC 2019

In next month, Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is going to conduct preliminary exam for NTPC 2019.Candidates have been preparing for this RRB NTPC exam for long time. 

Here we provide you the list of important books that will definitely help to get good marks/ranks in RRB NTPC 2019.

For RRB NTPC 2019 Question Bank : 

General Awareness - Kiran Prakashan
Mathematics- DIsha Publication 
Reasoning-R.S Aggrawal (Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning).

RRB NTPC 2019 Exam Pattern

Preliminary /First Stage CBT

Total No of Question =100 and total marks is 100.(Each question carries 1 Marks.)
Total Time = 90 Minutes

General Awareness : 40 Questions.
Mathematics : 30 Question.
Reasoning : 35 Question.

ICC World Cup 2019 Player List -Team Wise

Here is the complete list of Player of all the teams,participating in the ICC WORLD CUP 2019. 

2.South Africa
5.New Zealand
6.West Indies
7.Sri lanka

  1. Virat Kohli (C)
  2. Rohit Sharma (VC)
  3. Shikhar Dhawan
  4. KL Rahul
  5. Vijay Shankar
  6. MS Dhoni
  7. Kedar Jadhav
  8. Dinesh Karthik
  9. Yuzvendra Chahal
  10. Kuldeep Yadav 
  11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  12. Jasprit Bumrah
  13. Hardik Pandya
  14. Ravindra Jadeja
  15. Mohammed Shami.


  1. Jonny Bairstow
  2. Jason Roy
  3. Joe Root
  4. Eoin Morgan (c)
  5. Ben Stokes
  6. Jos Buttler
  7. Moeen Ali
  8. Chris Woakes
  9. Liam Plunkett
  10. Adil Rashid
  11. Mark Wood
  12. Tom Curran
  13. Joe Denly
  14. David Willey.

South Africa

  1. Faf du Plessis (c)
  2. JP Duminy
  3. David Miller
  4. Dale Steyn
  5. Andile Phehlukwayo
  6. Imran Tahir
  7. Hashim Amla
  8. Kagiso Rabada
  9. Dwaine Pretorius
  10. Quinton de Kock
  11. Chris Morris
  12. Lungi Ngidi
  13. Aiden Markram
  14. Rassie vd Dussen
  15. Tabraiz Shamsi
New Zealand

  1.  Faf du Plessis (c)
  2. JP Duminy
  3. David Miller
  4. Dale Steyn
  5. Andile Phehlukwayo
  6. Imran Tahir
  7. Hashim Amla
  8. Kagiso Rabada
  9. Dwaine Pretorius
  10. Quinton de Kock
  11. Chris Morris
  12. Lungi Ngidi
  13. Aiden Markram
  14. Rassie vd Dussen
  15. Tabraiz Shamsi

  1. Dimuth Karunaratne (c)
  2. Lasith Malinga
  3. Angelo Mathews
  4. Thisara Perera,
  5. Kusal Perera
  6. Dhananjaya de Silva
  7. Kusal Mendis
  8. Isuru Udana
  9. Milinda Siriwardana
  10. Avishka Fernando
  11. Jeevan Mendis
  12. Lahiru Thirimanne
  13. Jeffrey Vandersay
  14. Nuwan Pradeep
  15. Suranga Lakmal

  1. Aaron Finch (c)
  2. Usman Khawaja
  3. David Warner
  4. Steve Smith
  5. Shaun Marsh
  6. Glenn Maxwell
  7. Marcus Stoinis
  8. Alex Carey
  9. Pat Cummins
  10. Mitchell Starc
  11. Kane Richardson
  12. Nathan Coulter-Nile
  13. Jason Behrendorff
  14. Nathan Lyon
  15. Adam Zampa.
  1. Mashrafe Mortaza (captain)
  2. Tamim Iqbal
  3. Liton Das
  4. Soumya Sarkar
  5. Mushfiqur Rahim (wicketkeeper)
  6. Mahmudullah
  7. Shakib Al Hasan (vice captain)
  8. Mohammad Mithun
  9. Sabbir Rahaman
  10. Mosaddek Hossain
  11. Mohammad Saifuddin
  12. Mehidy Hasan Miraz
  13. Rubel Hossain
  14. Mustafizur Rahman
  15. Abu Jayed
West Indies
  1. Jason Holder (c)
  2. Andre Russell
  3. Ashley Nurse
  4. Carlos Brathwaite
  5. Chris Gayle
  6. Darren Bravo
  7. Evin Lewis
  8. Fabian Allen
  9. Kemar Roach
  10. Nicholas Pooran
  11. Oshane Thomas
  12. Shai Hope
  13. Shannon Gabriel
  14. Sheldon Cottrell
  15. Shimron Hetmyer
  1. Gulbadin Naib (captain)
  2. Mohammad Shahzad (wicketkeeper)
  3. Noor Ali Zadran, Hazratullah Zazai
  4. Rahmat Shah, Asghar Afghan
  5. Hashmatullah Shahidi
  6. Najibullah Zadran
  7. Samiullah Shinwari
  8. Mohammad Nabi
  9. Rashid Khan
  10. Dawlat Zadran
  11. Aftab Alam
  12. Hamid Hassan
  13. Mujeeb Ur Rahman.
  1. Sarfaraz Ahmed (c)
  2. Fakhar Zaman
  3. Imam-Ul-Haq
  4. Babar Azam
  5. Shadab Khan
  6. Shoaib Malik
  7. Faheem Ashraf
  8. Shaheen Afridi
  9. Hassan Ali
  10. Abid Ali
  11. Mohammad Hafeez
  12. Imad Wasim
  13. Junaid Khan
  14. Mohammad Hasnain
  15. Haris Sohail.