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2011 Bravery awards

23 young 'lionhearts' to be felicitated with bravery awards

Six-year-old Sravan Kumar from Rajasthan and 16-year-old Ipi Basar from Arunachal Pradesh are separated geographically by thousands of miles but they have one thing in common-a brave heart. 
Their courage helped save two kids and a paralysed woman from being charred to death and they are being rewarded for their life saving acts along with 21 others, including Sunita Murmu (16) from West Bengal's Birbhum, who helped police in the probe against those from her own clan who paraded her naked for having a relationship with a non-tribal boy. 
Kumar was out playing with his friends when he saw his neighbour's hut on flames and two kids crying for help.
He did not hesitate, just ran inside the hut in Rajasthan's Sarneshwar village and picked up the barely one- year-old girl, pulled her two-year-old elder sister by hand and brought them out. 

Kumar is the youngest among 23 winners.
The winners include four from Kerala, two each from Assam, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya and Uttarakhand, three from Rajasthan and one each from UP, Sikkim, Manipur, Arunachal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and West Bengal. 

Basar was sitting in her home in West Siang when she heard the cries from outside.
She saw smoke billowing out of her village and suddenly remembered her paralysed aunt and her seven-year-old niece.
With the child in her arms, she dragged the old woman with all her might and after they were at a safe distance, she rushed to her home to throw out the cooking gas cylinder fearing that it could burst.
"That time I could do that only," Basar said. 

Murmu was stripped, paraded and sexually abused on 11th May last year by her own clan members. 

"Despite all odds and physical threats to her life, she cooperated with police and gave graphic description of the event and identified all culprits," the citation read.
11-year-old Gurjeevan Singh from Punjab's Mansa was awarded for thwarting a bank robbery and catching two armed men by attacking them with bricks.
"I confronted them with bricks. They opened fire at me but I escaped. But I did not budge and kept attacking them with bricks. The pistol slipped from their hands and others managed to catch him," Gurjeevan said. 

Class XII student Moonis Khan from Bhopal, who is preparing for his Board examinations, saved the life of a 55-year-old who was found sitting on the railway track and unable to move. 

"I was returning home after attending my coaching class when I saw a man sitting on the railway track and people shouting at them. Noticing that the train was nearing, I tried to pull him out while others were watching".
"When the train was some five metres away I jumped off the tracks after managing to make the man lie on the tracks. He was saved," a wheel-chair bound Moonis, who suffered a leg fracture five days ago, said.
School bag was enough for a ten-year-old Priyanshu Joshi (10) to fight a leopard and save his younger sister in Uttarakhand while Jismi P M of Kerala saved a woman and her son from drowning.

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