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CTMIS, Bihar Online Treasury System

Department of Finance,Government Of Bihar 

Comprehensive Treasury Management Information System(CTMIS),  Government of Bihar 

To streamline treasury related activities, all treasuries in the state of Bihar are digitally linked under a centralised management system. CTMIS promotes transparency in budgetary movement and hence, helps to make allocation easy and effective.

In the 1990s, fund mismanagement was at an all time high in the state of Bihar. Preparation of budgets and allocation of funds were manual processes. As such, it was difficult to monitor expenditure through paper receipts and controlling, monitoring and analysing of data for improved revenue administration was a great challenge. 

CTMIS has promoted financial discipline in the state of Bihar by linking all treasuries to the Accountant General and the Finance Department. 

This centralised mechanism has made operations transparent and efficient. The reform has achieved a large reduction in time required for carrying out budgetary processes. In the long term, CTMIS will ensure appropriate and effective allocation of public funds.

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