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China dumping most debris in to Space

China, a relative newcorner to the space age,  has topped the list of countries contributing to space debris, according to a study by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos. China accounts for 40 percent of the space debris, followed by the United states, which produces27.5 percent . Russia stood at the third position , with 25.5 percent of Space debris , the study showed.

And the credit for catapulting china to the top of the crbital garbage heap does to the chinese military, which deliberately destroyed a defunct weather satellite in 2007 to test a missile. The explosion created more than 2,800 pieces of free flying shrapnel.
Overall, ther's more than 10,000 dead spacecraft. rocket bodies and other relics of the space age circling earth, all of which present a formidable challenge for governemnts, researchers and companies  wishing to operate satellites for remote sensing , science, communications and other services.

The Russian scientists have proposed the creation of an international airspace system for monitoring the near earth space environment, an idea that already has suport internationally

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