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Money and life

"The people in the world could do anything for the sake of wealth but it is a fact that the lust to achieve more causes restlessness and peace is disturbed. Money is not the criteria for successful personality. Many persons have, under limited resources proved their mental and impressed upon the world."

Money is an essential part of the life and it really helps in attaining many objects. Youth, male, female every person comes out of the house to earn money. 

When the parents send the children to the school, they had in their mind that after education he would become capable and then earn something to lead peaceful life. The daily needs could not be fulfilled without money. 

Even a person thinks to help some poor person, it is possible only with the help of money. Even the attitude of the society changes, when it sees a person without money. They start neglecting and even commit atrocities on him. Thus if a person had enough money he would not tolerate excesses of others.

But the natural question arises that whether only those people are happy who have money? The availability of money may or may not be the cause of happiness but the lack of money is for sure cause of worry. But still keep in mind that there is little relationship between success and property. It is totally false that a person having property and assets is successful. 

A person might get property after the death of his father. So can we say that the person is successful? Another human being earns lots of money by illegal means, does that person is also successful? Yet another person wins lottery of worth Rs 7 lakh. Now he has a few lakhs in his pocket but would he be considered successful?

Money, peace, luxury and success are for the persons, who work hard and earn livelihood. There is a saying in the Indian rural sector as you eat the food, as your soul and mind thinks. To consume meal of a person who has earned lot of money by illegal means pollute thoughts. And after the brain gets polluted, you would also start thinking in the same direction and thus become unhappy.

Now the reason is clear. Most of the persons don't dependent on their original earning but make other illegal efforts for extra income. Thus, this extra earning pollutes the life of the human being and makes him unhappy. The persons who spend their life solely on real earning and salary, sense of fear, diseases, and sorrow do not come to them. This always leads to peaceful and happy life.

If in the life, a person earns money legitimately then a person would lead successful and happy life.
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