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For Junior Between the age of 4 and 9 years For The Academic Session Starting From 1st April’ 2011 

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International Children’s Excellence Fund (INCEF) since its inception, gives each year a high-valued merit scholarship to talented young students having age between 4 and 9 year, selected from all over India for developing excellence to study for profession and career aimed education by admitting them at residential, English Medium schools, specially structured for such

Under the Programme, maximum amount of scholarship payable to each
child is Rs. 3,42,000/- (Rupees Three Lacs Forty Two Thousand only).

Because, for maintaining controlled education environment to inculcate
professional understanding and discipline, properly designed and
structured residential schools and colleges are very much needed to
educate a child. Hence, under the programme, residential institutions
are always emphasized and recommended.

INCEF is planning to extend its programme and services from 2010, in
other South-East Asian countries namely Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,
Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore,
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Papua (New Guinea) and Laos.
Under the programme, talented children, between the age of 4 & 9 years,
are selected and educated to develop excellence for undertaking and
adapting career in future from the following sophisticated professions :
Executive and Administrative Services (for the Government,
Corporate, Public, Private Sector establishment), Medical, Dental, Para-
Medical, Medical-Electronics, Micro Biology, Genetics, Engineering
and Technology (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Marine,
Aeronautical, Automobiles, Architecture), Electronics, Micro Electronics,
Computronics, Information and Communication Technology, Industrial
Organisation and Administration, Industrial and Business Management,
Financial Management, Merchant Navy, Printing Technology, Tourism,
Teaching, Fashion Technology, Textiles, Law, Chartered Accountant

To select children for the said scholarships and guidance for future career
& professions, INCEF request the Experts to examine and recommend
children of high intelligence appearing from all over the country for the
scholarships and guidance to achieve in life. Children will be selected
through personal interview, psychological and medical test, written or /
and oral tests, as may be required to examine individual potential.
Admission of Selected Children

Selected children are put in specially structured residential English Medium
Schools, situated at Dehradoon, Varanasi, Ranchi, Ramgarh etc. for their
school education and they get scholarship from INCEF, as per the rules, for
different stages of education and learning. The selected children remain
under the supervision and care of INCEF till they complete education upto
+2 level and may be helped further, if the parents so desire to have advise
for completing higher education.

The amount of scholarship will be given @ Rs. 2,000/- p.m. w.e.f. July’
2010 for class K.G. to X and Rs. 2,500/- p.m. for Class XI and XII or it will
commence after 90 days from the date of admission at the recommended
school. Maximum amount of scholarship will be Rs. 3,42,000/- (Rupees
Three Lacs Forty Two Thousand only) payable to each child as per

The session of the school must be from April to March. In case of student
admitted in +2 course they will also get the scholarship after 90 days from
the date of Admission in class XI. However, a child is selected once for
the scholarship his/her Scholarship amount will be sent in first week of
each month or each quarter, as the case may be, to all selected students
by Bank’s Draft payable at the city where the school is situated. Drafts are
issued in favour of the students or it may be sent to concerned school.
Terms and Conditions of payment of the scholarship:

i. The amount of scholarship will be paid to children (of either sex) who
will be selected by the Experts to study by staying at INCEF’s approved
and recommended residential schools under the programme and they
will take admission accordingly and continue his/her study there upto
+2 level.

ii. When selected students admitted to the recommended school, in class
Nursery or higher class, payment of the scholarship will start and paid
to concerned student, by cheque or D/D, after 90 days from the date of
admission. Hence, parents are advised to take admission of their wards
by paying standard school fee for first quarter by their own and then
send the photocopy of the receipt to INCEF. After that, scholarship will
be released to the student. Scholarship is not paid for the first quarter
in which a child takes admission for the first time at the recommended

iii. The scholarship amount will be paid every quarter regularly to the
parents by cheque or D/D provided student continue his/her study
in the same school or transfer by INCEF to another approved
school and maintains over 70% marks in aggregate in each annual
examination of his/her class between Nursery to XII of the school.
The moment a scholarship holder gets les than 70% marks in his/her
annual examination or leaves the school before completing +2 final
examination payment of scholarship will be stopped immediately.
Scholarship will not be claimed by the student or parents if the child
(student) does not take admission in the recommended schools or
he/she leaves the school before completing either X or XII from that

iv. The amount of scholarship may not be sufficient to meet the entire
expenses and fee of the recommended school. Therefore, parents will
have to bear and support for balance expenses to pay School’s fee &
other expenses of the study in time.

v. If a child/student is found of availing scholarship of any organization
or Government, INCEF’s Scholarship will not be given to the student
even he/she get selected for INCEF’s Scholarship, though he may be
admitted in such schools to study, if so desires.
Further, after selection, during the period of availing INCEF’s
Scholarship if a child/student gets or awarded or offered scholarship
of any nature from any other organization, payment of INCEF’s
Scholarship will continue as usual.
vi. The parents of selected students will open an A/c in Punjab National
Bank, New Delhi in the name of the student.

Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-
Parents, who wish to avail this Merit Scholarship for their wards, will
enroll their children with the INCEF’s Scholarship Programme by sending
registration fee Rs. 500/- by D/D of any bank endorsed in favour of INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S EXCELLENCE FUND, payable at New Delhi only. Minimum
age of children for Registration is 4 years and Maximum 9 years. The
Registration Fee is not refundable, wheather child appears in the test or
not on given date.

Once a student gets registered for the INCEF’s Scholarship Programme,
he/she will be allowed to appear for the selection test.

Children of 4 years and above will be examined for Health and academic
performance and on selection; will be admitted in the approved
schools and class as per recommendation of the Selection Committee &
Programme Committee.

Any child between the age of 4 and 9 years is eligible for Registration.
Parents may apply for Registering the name of their wards on the
prescribed Application Form, alongwith Registration Fee.

Application form for Registration shall be available by post alongwith the Information Brochure free of cost against a self addressed stamped (Rs. 5/-) envelope of the size 9” x 4”. For Forms & Brochure, write to : The Secretary, INCEF, 18/45, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi – 110026 

Date of Examination

There will be a written test for all the students alongwith Medical and Psychological examination. These examinations will be conducted at different dates and time at all the important places of the country. No one date can be fixed for such examinations as it requires very personal examination of each child. The place and date of examination for each centre will be informed to the parents by post/phone.

Examination Fee

There will be no fee for examination. All children whose name have been registered for the programme will be examined without any charge or fee. If a child fails to attend to appear in the Test on the date given to him/her, no other date will be given for further Test. The Parents are advised to send a self addressed stamped (Rs. 25/-) envelope of 4” x 9” size along with the Application Form if they wish to receive the admit card under Registered cover.

Many educational, philanthropic and social organisations, have established or establishing profession targeted schools in the country, where besides regular class teaching, children are taught and prepared for particular profession or career which the Experts and parents decide in advance. The Schools are imparting education as per CBSE or ICSE syllabus and they do not follow state education syllabus, even when they are situated in different states. These schools are specially structured 2210/10/10 L KAILASH PAPER L TEL. : 0651-2532251 Make sure to educate your ward To live life happy and comfortable Through INCEF’s programme. (different from traditional schools). English medium residential with separate Hostels for Boys and Girls.

Approved Schools

INCEF has arrangements and Co-ordination with various residential schools having facilities and infrastructures needed for developing such talented students to achieve best in life. Hence, after selection for scholarship, parents are advised to admit their wards in the INCEF’s recommended schools to follow the programme.s

Under the programme the INCEF has approved various schools in the country to admit the talented children selected for the programme. In these schools, upto class V, children are taught for general courses and aptitude are inculcated, created and nurtured towards desired profession. From class VI onwards they are motivated according to the choice of profession or career. During this period, professions or career are set in each child. When they enter class IX, they are concentrated to the particular profession. After X, XII or Graduation (as per the requirement of the profession) they will be admitted into the desired professional institutions at the cost of the parents. During the course of schooling children may be transferred from one school to other or from one place to other, if such transfer is required for achieving the requisite skill and talent in a child. INCEF keeps and maintains continuous supervision and guidance for each child till he/she appears for +2 Examination.

Career Achievements

These schools make elaborate arrangements for each child to achieve and enter into the profession or career which has been decided bythe experts and the parents at the time of admitting the child to theschool under the programme. However, entire education of a child is planned and programmed according to the advice of the Experts of the INCEF’s council but the parents co-operation will be very much needed everywhere and at all stages.

Note : Admission to recommended schools will be subject to availability of seats in that school. INCEF will not be held responsible if the selected students do not get admission in particular school due to non-availability of seat or any  other reason.

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