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Sudhir ride in to Bihar from Kolkatta, Jharkhand

Sudhir's ride into Bihar (on which there will be more later when I have had some sleep) was quite an experience for us. We shot him through the back of our vehicle and sometimes from the side windows. We went everywhere he went. Through three states. Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar. Our driver grumbling the whole way. One of the stops he made was at a temple in Deogarh (Jharkhand) where he had promised to go and make offerings to the deity if India won the World Cup. 

The scenes at the temple were insane with huge crowds, cows shitting inside the temple yards, random priests in different areas of the grounds burning fires and people making offerings. Most of the madness was unrelated to Sudhir but then there was a lot of madness around him as folks form the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (a local political party) were there to receive him and sort of protect him from other crazy people who swarmed him when they recognized him.

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