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Details on Special Trains on the Eve of Festivals in August and September

Here, the the List and Details of Various Special Trains that have been run by Indian Railway on the Eve of Indian Festivals like Eid, Durga Puja, Diwali And Chhath Puja 2011.

Indian Railway has announced many special trains on occasion of Eid, Durga Puja, Diwali and Chhath in 2011. All special trains have general, 2nd class sleeper and 3rd AC sleeper coach. You can book reservation in special trains from booking counter or internet. The price of tickets are same as daily scheduled train. Railway will announce some Jan Shantabdi train also on some route.

Here is list of “Puja Special Trains” for 2011 -

(1) New Delhi – Howrah Special Train
(2) Mumbai – Howrah Special Train
(3) Mumbai – Sealdah Special Train
(4) Secunderabad – Sealdah Special Train
(5) Mumbai – Secunderabad Special Train
(6) Secunderabad – Patna Special Train
(7) New Delhi – Patna Special Train
(8) New Delhi – Jogbani/Katihar Special Train
(9) Mumbai- Patna Special Train
(10) Mumbai – Jogbani/Katihar Special Train
(11) New Delhi – Guwahati Special Train
(12) Mumbai – Guwahati Special Train
(13) Secunderabad – Banglore Special Train
(14) Chandigadh – Patna Special Train
(15) Ajmer – Sealdah Special Train
(16) New Delhi – Darbhanga Special Train
(17) New Delhi- Varanasi Special Train
(18) New Delhi- Kanpur Special Jan Shatabdi Train
(19) Lucknow – Howrah Special Train
(20) Mumbai – Lucknow Special Train
(21) New Delhi – Malda Via Bhagalpur Special Train
(22) New Delhi – Ranchi Special Train
(23) Howrah – Guwahati Special Train
(24) Mumbai – Lucknow Special Train
(26) MumbI – Bhopal Special Train
(27) Chennai – Patna Special Train
(28) Nagpur – Howrah Special Train
(29) Banglore – Sealdah Special Train
(30) Banglore – Lucknow Special Train

You can find train number and schedule on website of Indian railway reservation web portal.

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