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Steps to Block SIM Card When it get Lost

Procedure to Block Lost SIM CARD

If you have lost your mobile then you should block your SIM CARD, because thief can misuse of your SIM CARD. If you want want block your mobile number after lost your mobile then here is two way for block your SIM CARD.

(1) Go to police station. Register a complain for lost your mobile. Give the detail of your mobile and mobile number. After register your complain take complain register number and take a photo copy of complain. After that go to office of your mobile operator and submit a application with photo copy of police complain. After that your mobile number will be blocked by your mobile operator. If you want take a new SIM CARD on same number then you can take a new SIM CARD on same number after request in same office. Your old SIM CARD will be disabled and you can use new SIM CARD as your old number. 

(2) If you do not want to go police station then you have a another way to block your SIM CARD in situation of lost your mobile. Call to customer care executive to your mobile operator. Request him/her for block your SIM CARD. Executive may ask some id proof for confirm that you are original owner of that SIM CARD. After present that id proof your mobile operator will block your SIM CARD. In that situation your mobile operator may not issue new SIM CARD for same old number. In that situation you have to take a new SIM CARD with new number.

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