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Discovering Qvendo : The Luxury Private Shopping Club

 Won merchandise worth Rs.50,000 (each) from QVENDO 

Browse through the catalog and list what you would buy for Rs.50,000, and why.

Open Your Luxury gateway to Western fashion and accessories.
Top Designers, exclusive boutique brands, significant savings. 
Membership is free but the is priceless. 

QVENDO is a private online shopping club dedicated to luxury and exclusivity.

QVENDO offers its online members the best in luxury fashion from around the world.

QVENDO membership is by invitation only:
Either by existing QVENDO members or the QVENDO team.
So, Scholars Club is giving you chance  to Register Yourself with a chance to Won merchandise worth Rs.50,000 (each) from QVENDO : Click Here

Irresistible offers on luxury Goods 

QVENDO offers prestigious brands for men, women and children.

We offer our members established labels as well as up and coming boutique brands at a significant savings.

QVENDO gives members access to brands and styles not available in India.
Fast Delivery

Brands at a significant savings. 
QVENDO gives members access to brands and styles not available in India.
QVENDO offers unmatched prompt door-to-door delivery service all across India.

QVENDO handles every aspect of the delivery, including customs inquiries and taxes, so its members can relax.

QVENDO ships via international airfreight using efficient and reliable FedEx.

QVENDO ships all product within 4-10 working days.

High Security

QVENDO is renowned for its secure online payment service.

QVENDO uses Wirecard AG, Germany’s leading international payment gateway, ensuring transactions are secure and confidential at all times.

Browse through the catalog and list what you would buy for Rs.50,000, and why.

If I had Rs. 50,000 , I would have Buy following Items with the Reason as Follows :-

1.Joop Belt Black  worth Rs. 3,700 as it is at Concession Price " Retail Price is 5,900 ", and surely the Product is Guaranteed with 100% Original leather.

2. Hugo Boss Boot Black worth Rs. 13,200 is a Exclusive Item (Only Found at Qvendo Store)  as it is at Concession Price " Retail Price is 22,700 ", and it has features like  Ankle length  and Zipper closure.

3. Hamlet Derby Shoe Vintage Grey worth Rs. 7,900 as it is Exclusive Item and it is at Concession  " Retail Price is 12,300" and have features like Lace Up Design and Up Front.

4. Porsche Design Washbag Black worth Rs. Rs 8,200 " Retail Price Rs 13,000 in Indian Market."  It Has Perfect Size of Length : 10" Breadth : 7" with Special Design having Zipper closure and inside pockets.

5. Porsche Design Purse Cognac , It is a Premium Product , worth Rs.  6,200 cost "Retail Rs 9,100 in Indian Market" having cognac with Perfect Size of Length : 4" Breadth : 3.1" with having o 1 coin compartment o 2 compartments for bank notes

6. Bulgari Clutch Rose/Creme worth Rs. Rs 5,700 . It Retail Price in India is  Rs 11,700. since this item is just free at this Price tag .

Total Item Cost : 44,900/-.


True Religion (Collection 2011/2012)

Replay Designer Watches

Watch this Video to know more :

Frequently Asked Questions i.e Your Query Our Answer:-


What is QVENDO?

QVENDO is a luxury private online shopping club offering garments and accessories from established and boutique designer labels.  Our fashion connoisseurs hand-pick every product we sell to ensure the best selection and quality for our members.  QVENDO is currently selling to India only.

Why should I buy on QVENDO?

The biggest reason people want to shop with QVENDO is the access we provide to exclusive Western brands and selections not available in India.  In addition to the fact that you cannot buy our merchandise in Indian stores, QVENDO makes the shopping and the delivery process hassle free.  We handle all aspects of customs, including taxes and offer speedy, flat rate shipping straight to your door.  You will never have any surprise fees when your final product is delivered. 

How can I become a member of QVENDO?

As a private shopping club you must receive an invitation to become a QVENDO member.  If you have a friend or family member that already has a QVENDO membership, they can invite you to join.  Otherwise, you can simply request a membership through our home page by clicking "JOIN QVENDO" then fill in the requested fields.  You can also click "Join the Queue" from our Facebook page and follow the prompts for a membership request. 

Somebody gave me a QVENDO VIP card with a Code on it. What do I do next?

Take to your VIP Code and hurry to http://www.qvendo.com, then click on "VIP Code". Enter your QVENDO VIP Code and then you will be directed to the Club Member registration form. Once we verify our email address, you will be set up as a full QVENDO Club Member.
Please note, that QVENDO VIP Codes only work once.

I have received an email invitation to join QVENDO. What do I do next?

The Club Invitation email alone does not make you a Club Member! Click on the link in your email, you will then be directed to the Club Member registration form. Once we verify your email address, you will be set up as a full QVENDO Club Member.

My invitee has not received a QVENDO invitation-email. What happened?

Due to the various spam filters in email accounts, your QVENDO invitation-email may have ended up in their junk mail folder. Please double-check with your invitee to see if that is the case. If your invitee accidentally deleted their invitation-email you can re-invite them. Simply log into your account, go to "Invitations" and click "Invite Again". QVENDO will then re-send the invitation-email.

What is my user name and how should I choose a password?

Your email ID will be used as the default user name for your QVENDO Account.
While choosing a password, please remember that Passwords are case sensitive. For instance, "PASSWORD" and "Password" will be treated as different from one another. Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters.
Avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as "shopping", "1234", or "password". We suggest that you avoid using your date of birth, your name, or other personal information that may be easily guessed by others. Adding numbers or special characters or capitals to your password will ensure that it is harder to crack. For example, the password "Master 2!%" is a much stronger password than just "master."
Choose your password carefully and keep it somewhere safe. Remember, anyone who knows your password can access your account and shop accordingly.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

No, your QVENDO Club Membership is completely free of charge. 

Can I invite others to become members?

Yes, each QVENDO Club Member is given a set number of invitations to send to their trusted friends and family.  The QVENDO staff may at times increase the number of invitations allowed based on activity.  We ask that members carefully select who they send invitations to in order to maintain the integrity of the shopping club.


Which brands are sold through QVENDO?

QVENDO sets very high standards to determine which kind of brands to include in their online shop.  Only high quality products and luxury brands are eligible to be sold through QVENDO. Most designers are well known and have prestigious images world wide, but we also add fresh new designers and up and coming brands to our portfolio to keep our selection interesting and diverse.  You will also find several luxury brands popular throughout the West but not yet available in India. 

How long does each sale campaign last?

A sale campaign lasts 5-10 days. Within this time, every member is entitled to shop within each campaign.

How do I know if what I buy will fit me?

We want to make shopping as easy as possible for our members. That's why we try to include the dimensions in each item description. We also provide a sizing chart that we designed especially for our members. You can find this chart easily by clicking on the size button next to each item.

How long can I save an item in my shopping cart?

At QVENDO, we sell luxury products at extremely competitive prices. Since the sale campaigns are limited to 5 days, we cannot let you reserve an item for long a long period of time as the demands are high and the products are truly numbered. You will be able to keep one or more items of one campaign in your cart for only 15 minutes, when this time runs out, the item will go back into the shop.

How does the waitlist work?

Sometimes a lot of people are shopping simultaneously at QVENDO and many items are already placed into shopping carts. If all items are in other peoples' carts, we give you the option to add that item to your waitlist. Should it become available again, QVENDO will inform you straight away, per email notification, that one of your waitlist items just became available. But hurry, as the waitlist does not grant you access to the desired item. You still have to add it to your cart to hold it safe!

How do I know if my order went through correctly?

After we receive an order from you and your credit card has been processed and approved by our payment partner, you will receive an email confirmation.  This confirmation will summarize every product you have ordered as well as the total amount paid, divided by products, customs duty and shipping & handling.

How can I check my order after I placed it?

After you have placed an order, you can always log-on to http://www.qvendo.com and check the status of your order. It will show all your purchases, even the ones that failed or were cancelled. If you have a specific question regarding your order, please contact us directly by clicking either "Help" or "Contact" on the website. In order to serve you better, please have your order number ready.


From which countries can I order products from QVENDO?

QVENDO is an online store only. That means that the only way to buy products is via the website http://www.qvendo.com. We do not offer any phone or direct sales. You can purchase products through our online shop from anywhere in the world, provided that the shipping address is in India.

Where does QVENDO ship?

Currently, our focus is entirely pointed at the Indian subcontinent. While you can reside anywhere in the world, your shipping address has to be in India. We are constantly expanding our network and will let our members know as soon as these restrictions are altered.

Does the shipping fee change with the amount I purchase?

QVENDO has a flat rate for shipping policy, no matter how much an individual purchase. This is a huge incentive for our Club Members. However, we ask our members to respect our Fair-Use-Policy: meaning that the merchandise should be for you and your family only. We do not accept unreasonably high, collective group orders to be shipped to one address only.

How long do I have to wait for my order once I placed it?

QVENDO strives to deliver purchases in 4 to 10 business days. As we constantly work on maximum savings for our Club Members, QVENDO does not keep our own stock ware. Instead, we usually receive all products straight from the designer after a sale campaign is over. Upon receipt in our warehouse, we quickly prepare your order for shipping and dispatch it. While this can take a little longer than having the items previously stocked in our warehouse, we do it this way to provide the best price advantage for our members.

Who will deliver the order?

We are working exclusively with FedEX to deliver your products straight to your door.  You will also be provided a tracking number for each of your orders.

How do you calculate extra costs such as taxes, shipping and handling?

QVENDO strictly follows a no-hidden-cost-policy.   Customs duty and taxes are based on government regulations set by the Indian government.  We have no control over the fees set forth for customs.  We do however calculate these taxes while you are shopping so that the final price you pay already includes these fees.  Upon entry in India, each single product clears customs with customs duty and taxes already paid (DDP). Our shipping costs are fixed regardless whether you buy a single item or ten. You will see that the flat rate shipping fee of 900 rupees is added to your order at check out. Please remember that you can only place an order within one sale campaign. If you wish to shop from other campaigns, you will have to place separate orders and pay separately. In this case, additional shipping costs apply for these other purchases.

Can I return my order if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?

Currently QVENDO does not offer returns. However, if you feel that you must return a purchased item, please contact us directly at service@qvendo.com. We are working on enabling a return-option in the very near future. 

What should I do in case the products arrives at my house damaged?

All items are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit from QVENDO to the designated shipping address. Once your item(s) have been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed for, they are no longer covered by insurance- If your box is damaged upon arrival, we recommend that you either refuse the delivery, or make a note when signing for it that you are accepting a damaged delivery.


How can I pay for my purchase?

QVENDO offers payment via Mastercard or VISA Card. We collaborate with Wirecard, an international and highly professional payment provider who offers and insures industry standard secure SSL transactions. Your payment transaction is always safe with us.

What happens if my Internet connection breaks off before my order is complete?

We are working with Wirecard, a well-known specialist in online payment systems. When your Internet connection gets interrupted or your computer runs out of battery, the order will be pending. You can always log on to http://www.qvendo.com with your email ID and password and check the status of every order you placed or contact us through the website.


I am a designer, how can I sell my products through QVENDO?

QVENDO has a team of style and fashion experts that scan the European and US markets for eligible brands to be on sale in our online store. If you think that your brand matches the profile of QVENDO, please send an email to headquarters via the general contact page. We will contact you if we think your product(s) would be an appropriate addition to our product range.

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Watch Video on  QVENDO 

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