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Fun Maza of Internet

 "Soul of Mobile"
" Fun is Serious Business"

"Fun" is a three letter word having the same meaning that of word amusement and amusement means with the passing of time i.e to divert attention from a serious business to occupy pleasantly.

In Context of Internet , Fun hit the right meaning as it has very wide meaning comparing to " WWW ". In the present day of our society the Gen Next is searching or amusing themselves on Internet to have fun.

The Next Generation are Watching Videos , Viewing and Surfing Sites , Listening Music, Playing Games, Discovering  and learning lots of thing. All of the upper written activities have gone so much fast, that we have forgotten about the fact that we are not working on Internet ,as we are working on a  PC or Mobile with no Internet connectivity.

I mean to Say, we are using a very fast Internet  Services , especially from Vodafone.       A PC, Smartphone or Mobile without Internet , is just like a body without a Soul. So, When you will learn the meaning of Internet in comparison with the Soul, you will come to know the fact that life " in context of Mobile" it is possible only when you have Soul " i.e Internet"  .

In the Present timeline of Web, lots of Platforms are coming day by Day as you can compare Internet with a large ocean, a true to say a Galaxy Way, where you can explore and explore i.e there is no any end of directions .

We, those you make use of Internet , have different purpose and meaning , some of us, Chat, Watch Movie, Tweets, Downloads, Fill Forms, Make Money and lots of Work to build our career and Money.

All of the above is only possible only when we have fast Internet " Use Services from Vodafone". Thus , Internent is a fun for every one , depending upon every ones mind.

A recent  news is coming that, Internet hs beaten the the World first Business, and Education . Unerstand the Meaning by below written sentence. Some of our politicians are giving examples of Internent, that they are Wathcing Porn Movies While Woriking in Sansad , Good Job Politicians, Our Country is Rising.... Wait till we grow Up............. Slap on ........ . Not these Words... Actual Sentence is Written Below....

"Even the married people losing their 30% Sex time , for the Internet on Mobile."

Enjoy the Fun Below :

Its Neelmani, the Indian Blogger from Muzaffarpur, BIhar and has written this post for the

Internet is fun!

The internet is fun when you connect with friends, watch videos shared by others, play games online, experience exciting new apps, or get to know someone from the other side of the world. How is the internet fun for you on your mobile?

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All the above views are personal and Indiblogger will not be responsible for it. and I thanks , Indiblogger for their Imagination and giving a platfrom for the Indian Bloggers to express themselves. Last but not the least, I have earned advertisement from vodafone " 30ft *10 ft" poster on my home Wall.


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