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No. 01 Biker and Power one Bike Code

My life without my Bike is Just like Life without Water

And true to say it that A Bike without Castrol Power1.

I own a Pulsar for 8 years and I have got its mania "Pulsar Mania" , I have happy to be a owner of my Dream Bike and with my capabilities that I can do best Stunt with my Bike.

In my age group of Generation , we feel the "Power", "Speed, "Sound" of a Bike. and my bike deserves all and for controlling all power1 features I have that Biking Code and that Biking Code is given by Castrol Power 1, Who regulates my engine very efficiently.

I feel the romance , when I got the Bike on National Highways, 

I do stunts like wheelie, stoppies very efficiently.

I Usually got race with racers and I feel the romance when I beat them in race and hear people saying jayaga mere bhai.

I have one friend having Royal Enfield, he says that I feel the romance and the power of a Bike when i run my Bullet on National Highway for a long Drive . Thus, every one who owns a Bike in New Blood of age group has something for cheers, That what I want to say for my Biking Code and its likings.

 Its Neelmani, the Indian Biker from Muzaffarpur, BIhar and has written this post for the

The Castrol Power1
Blogging Contest

The Castrol Power1 Bikers Code

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I thanks , Indiblogger for their Imagination and giving a platfrom for the Indian Bloggers to express thmselves. 

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