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Arrange the love in Marriage

 Arrange the love in Marriage

Views on "Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!"

In Arrange Marriage, there is a relationship created between two family. There is share of tradition, culture, standard of living.

  The bride is respectable by this father & mother in law. She has to look at all his family members. There are so many people in his home, all are living happily and give importance to each other , share their happiness, sorrow and help each other in any problem or obstacles.

She doesn't feel boring, or solitary when his husband is not at home. She will do any thing under limits because elder give his order, he has experience . The girl is also set between the two tradition by their help and their is no feeling of aloneliness in society. All their relatives and society member respect him.

Some has idea that there is not setting of his life good in arranged marriage as she has to do the work given by family member, she has cook the Dishes according to their choice. She has no right to do any with their choice.
But the reality is that the great joy, happiness, name , fame, realty, all are possible iin arranged and not in love.
Love marriage means the girls and boys are known to each other and they take interest & give so much value to each other. So, they marriage against the family member. They feels to one's self interest and thinks that their universe , world is present between them.

They are miserable of life in that sense they have no interest in any other family member and people. They are confirmed only of their Ideas, share their dream to his husband and wife, but these are of very short duration, there is nothing much more Joy and pleasure, because time is ever changing and if there is any misunderstanding between , they will get separate. 

They don't follow all the tradition and hence there is no any person knowing him as there are confirmed to only each other. Far from this father and mother in law has many hope with their child , but when this Dream became futile, he give curse and swear to them.

In India, there is nothing  can be done without the Aasiriwad of Elders. As they are pathmakers, fault finder and remedy solution for any problem.

So I think as far from doing work , according to all person , Arrange Marriage is the Best.

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