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Life Memorable Journey to the heart of my country

Life Memorable Journey to the heart of my country
Lucknow to Pachmarhi ; Wonderful Road Trip

Once upon a time, me and my four friends just got an idea to explore our nation and to do something adventures. so, we planned to touch the heart of the nation i.e to visit Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.

Pachmarhi is a Hill station in Madhya Pradesh in state Hoshangabad of Central India, also known for the Pachmarhi Cantonment . Pachmarhi is at a height of 3600 ft ( i.e above MSL - Mean sea level ) . Pachmarhi is blessed with very rich flora and fauna

It was the Pre-monsoon Climate, we started our journey, we packed all the necessary items like Dry fruits, food items, drinking water, beds, Medicines, Ambipur and important documents and most important a friend SUV ( Sports Utility Vehicle ) well conditioned having good mileage. we also take care of cash in hands with friends having all debit and credit cards. Since the route was new and unseen so we got our Mobile phones fully charged having extra battery and Maps ready for route Navigation.

It was estimated by us that  the route will be of comfort and will be easy to ride upon, but we were wrong. we noted few place of pachmarhi for expedition and tour that were.....

1. Dhupgarh - Known for Sunrise and Sunset. At night one can see the lights of the neighboring towns such an Itarsi.
2.  B-Hills and B-falls - A popular picnic spot as it offers pristine water flowing down this fall.
3. Pachmarhi also has a lot of cave paintings , estimated as 10,000 years old.

The Journey started on Sunday. It was planned as a week journey. It was not so much trouble reaching Bhopal on NH 86, approx 600 km. apart from the reason of paying Rs.1600 as toll tax. After reaching Bhopal we came to know that , it will take around 5 to 6 hours to reach our destination Pachmarhi. We do one mistake here that we didn't estimated the running time. We left the Bhopal around 3 PM. After crossing half of the road, we feel uneasiness on the sight of the road, It was hilly area, with lots of breeze. It leads to the lost of the road . Some how, we realized that and with the help of local people we got the right path. In that period , we lost our valuable time.

It was so much exciting that, we were feeling outward and inward inclination on the circular road with the fear that even a single mistake and loss in concentration may lead to fall in the valley forever. At the memorable expedition , we go the famous resort and booked room and space and also booked a Guide to help us. Last at 1 AM be go to bed and in the morning at 5 AM we left for the above mentioned sites.

It was just a memorable movement , we feel like a home and like garden garden every time we were in our SUV with the effect of Ambipur. This post has been written for Indiblogger under the campaign http://www.facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia

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