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Whom to cast vote - only for great India

How the fortune of Bharat would change
While walking, sitting, standing, the electorate has only one point to consider,
How the fortune of Bharat would change. Please help us almighty to decide.

We know that electorate has immense power in voting right,
But now you give us wisdom so that we could choose the right candidate.

We know that dishonest persons have cast their influence in the politics and
Their obnoxious actions have created lot of confusion.

The wicked politicians hold sway on the power and
Most of them have deposited black money in tax-heaven countries.

Even the black money was sent abroad
Suggesting the people of the country, take just a few kilograms of pulses and
rice and make merry.

They said that you would have full-stomach meal in five rupees,
Work hard for entire day and praise us for the life.

You are wealthy person, earning Rs 35 a day
And now never scream that I am poor, I am poor.

The middle class in the society is still entangled between the devil and
the deep sea.

He has to maintain his reputation amidst the steep price inflation.

But we admit that we committed big mistake, when we kept our eyes
closed five years ago,
And gave the power to the incompetent people, who are made our life a hell.

Now the situation has changed and young blood has come to the helm.

The electorates regret the mistake committed earlier but now the
opportunity has come to regret and correct it.

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