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Hindi email Gmail rediff yahoo address - Create yours now

Now you can easily create a Email-ID in Indian language.

Well,  we usually, almost and every where we see  email ID being used in English language.  Now question is that can we have email ID in Hindi language.  Well,  it's an easy for now buts it's possible right now.

Indian internet users are increasing regularly that's why the major tech companies are giving  support for the development of Hindi language,  as we are observing sites are now more eco-friendly in Hindi language.

The world major technology company like Microsoft,  Google,  and Indian company like rediff may start email based on Hindi language soon. 

According to the report of Economic times,  Government has asked the Email providers company to give support for hindi based email address.

According to Microsoft,  their email software support only international email address. Other than that Google mail has already started support for non-latin language like Devnagari and Chinese. 

According to company blog Gmail users can receive and send of emails of characters.  Rediff told that company can start email support in local language in an easy way but government has to lower down internet rates to Rs. 50/- so that common people must have access to it.  Hope Hindi website will rise soon.

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