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How to earn with Facebook Video?

Publish Video and Earn

method to earn with facebook ads
Facebook will launch a new feature for its user to earn by uploading videos on the site soon.This will be possible because of advertisements which come while streaming videos . Advertiser of the product will pay facebook for advertising their products and the Product advertisement will be shown on our videos .According to the Source , Facebook is going to launch “mid roll” Ad format .This will help in uploading videos and Publishing such that its User will earn.

If Uploaded videos will be opened then it would be seen for 20 seconds minimum and facebook will advertise Ads after 20 seconds on the Streaming video.And the sum of money which will be earned on the video would go to the publisher account.

Facebook has decided to launch this feature because of  increasing number of videos viewers on the internet.In 2016, 100 million users saw videos per day which had been uploaded on it.There will be some conditions on the format of video that will be uploaded i.e duration of videos should not be less than minimum stream time since ads will not be applied.
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