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SBI ATM Response Code - Descriptive Information

State Bank of India ATM Response Code

SBI ATM RESPONSE CODEWhen we use ATM of State Bank of India with its or, sister ATM or of other Banks then we usually get the message with several error. Every error has some Response code and pertending to some sort of Message. Here are the Description of the Response code you always receive.

000Approved with balance
001Approved without balance
050Unauthorised Usage
051Expired Card
052Invalid Card
053Invalid Pin
054PBF not Updated
055Ineligible Transaction
056Ineligible Account
057Transaction not supported (Dormant, Lien etc)
058Insufficient Funds Amount less than equal to 0
059Insufficient Funds Amount > 0 & < requested Amount
060Uses limit exceeded
061Withdrawl limit exceeded
062PIN tries exceeded
063Withdrawl limit reached
064Invalid Credit Card cash advancement Amount
065No Statement information for the Account
066Statement Information not available
067Invalid Cash back Amount
068External decline
069No Sharing arrangement
070System error (ATM user code, Adult Code etc.)
071Contact Card issuer
072Destination not Available
073Routing Lookup Problem
074Message Edit Error
0150Card Blocked (Hotlisted)
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