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India's Hospitality, Meals and Drinks, Entertainment and History on a flight with Lufthansa


Yes, definitely, India possess special and unique habits, customs, lifestyles, cultures, which are being always pomped differently from rest of the nations. We Indians can be easily lifted up by the sound of "foods, cricket, end-of-season sale", no matter how much sad or grumpy we are at the moment. Nevertheless, for my nation, Indians with business stakes in the US, or anything incorporating the government, whole issues are always being resolved and clarified.

Indians are trend settlers globally, being this success driven and being a proud people who stops at nothing. And yes, there is so much for the people to covet our culture when there is lots of reason to drop of being among them. People across the globe are inspired by the stories regarding Indians dispersing into the corners of the world with only their smartness with them and thus, conquering heights of success despite all odds. Indians are a sculpture of perseverance and pride. 

India's Hospitality

That's an Indian trait. Indians are tethered to a post of intellectual brains. We are resilient, like a bamboo ( Namastey could be supposed to be the ideal way in the world to greet people ), we bow, and sway to the wind, becoming pliant to adversities is our weapon, not to break. That's their soul.Indians are hospitable, any foreigners coming to India can find themselves falling in love with their warm hospitality; although Indians have been colonized by the others at one time, hospitality is still being the core value from their ancestors time, values are still honored, and has remained intact. 

That has existed for thousands of years. They value all the outsiders as the family member, They are  generous, hardworking towards building our nation, and hopefully, most loving people and sweetest in the world. So, in some ways,  Indians should be proud again as their ways are being emulated by the non-Indian community who wants to  succeed.

Thank you Lufthansa.


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 After seeing the Luftansa promo, you will fall in love with Indians with the company too. so in future be first to fly with Luftansa and must watch video below.

Discover the story of a coach trying to defeat the Indians by driving his team to be more like Indians! Train like Indians, eat like Indians, even dance like Indians! A world #MoreIndianThanYouThink

Also the ultimate fact is that India's always win Nevertheless how hard the situation.. Best Brains, Best Culture, Best Hospitality, Best Hearts..... Thanks you Lufthansa for giving me an opportunity to write this write and Indiblogger to share my views. Long live everyone.
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