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"Vijyadashmi is not only the festival to celebrate. But it is the day to remember role models and values. It is the day to remember the example set by Lord Rama. He himself always adopted life of truth and honesty in his life. He always followed the culture and values and hence was known as Maryada Puroshottam."

Vijyadashmi is an important festival of Hindus. This is also known as Dussehra. People celebrated it with religious fervor and gusto. The relationship of Dussehra is with power. As Goddess Saraswati is prayed for wisdom, Maa Durga is prayed for power.

The festival of Dussehra remembers Indian culture and also a victory of lord over demon and good over bad. Lord Rama went to jungles and associated different animals and tribals to form an army which ultimately conquered Ravana and Lanka. He had Nishat, Guha and Kirat caste people, Sugriv, Hanuman, Angad and Nal-Neel as lieutenants. But he defeated much powerful Ravana. He took the message of Indian culture to Lanka. The day also remembers that only gold and prosperity and power could not save a human being. With power, culture is also needed, which Ravana was lacking. Thus Vijyadashmi or Dussehra is also called the festival of culture. Lord Ramchandra also returned the kingdom; he had won to Vibhishan and thus set the tradition, not to rule others' states.

Thus Lord Rama is viewed with much respect. He followed all the rules of the society religiously as a common man. The society, also looks at Bali and Ravana with hate and dislike as one had forcibly took wife of his brother while the other abducted another king's wife illegally. Ravana, who had the duty to safeguard the society, committed atrocities and terrorized, violates the values set-up for a ruler. Indian culture also teaches to consider such fellows as the enemy of the society and other, which defeated him as the patron.

Lord Rama was the gift of Arya culture. In Arya culture prominence has been laid to human development. Previously the semi developed Asian and European nations considered the power and manhood as their model. And this is the reason that despite facing many challenges, the Aryan culture is alive and followed. A case survives as long as it has contribution in the development of the human being. History proves that the castes, where killing, cheating was the common phenomenon could not survive and vanished ultimately.

We salute Lord Rama the symbol of Arya culture. We also pray Mother Seeta as she proved her unblemished character and became a role model for the womanhood. Her dedication and devotion towards husband has set an example. The self-control of Laxman and the love to brother by Bharat strengthen the belief of goodness. Thus Ramayana gives us political, spiritual strength to live with high moral values.

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