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World Osteoporosis Day

20 October 
World Osteoporosis Day 

Problem of Osteoporosis 

A new challenge to the world

The problem of Osteoporosis has assumed serious dimensions in the world. According to a survey, over 15 percent persons above 50 years of age are suffering from it. Bones of a human being becomes porous and weak and gets cracked with minor jolt.

" The initial stage of the disease causes pain in the bones of wrist, buttocks and waist.The back bone bends due to the problem. As the veins get weak there is strong possibility of a person suffering the stroke of paralysis."
 The number of persons suffering from the diseases is increasing fast and hence the decision to observe October 20 as World Osteoporosis day was taken. The main reasons behind it are lack of calcium and minerals in the food, fast food, obesity and mental tension and less or no physical exercises. Also consumption of some medicines taken for long time also cast ill effects on the bones and their density decreases. Due to stoppage of menstruation and excess of hormones also cause the diseases among women. This is the main reason behind fracture in back-bone and pelvis. One of the reasons of the diseases assuming seriousness is that people don't understand the initial symptoms and are careless for the treatment. People become serious only when they suffer problems. Thus after 40-45 years a person shall regularly get density of bones checked regularly. Even if a person is suffering pain in waist for long time and the bones get cracked on minor jolt, then a person shall consult doctor.

Now-a-days the problem is seen in youngsters also. Changing life style, lack of exercises, heredity problem, thyroid, lack of hormones, problem in hormones growth, liquor, smoking and cold drinks are basically the reasons for the disease.

But basically it is the disease of increasing age. The disease reduces the density and also brings deformity in the bones. The bones become brittle and crack on small or little shock. The disease is also quiet disease as it attacks silently. Initially no symptoms are seen and the disease keeps becoming serious. And when fracture occurs, the disease is confirmed.

The process of bones forming is continues in the life. The density and strength also increases in young age. But in middle age after 45 years, the reverse process begins. And here is the beginning of bones turning brittle and weak. This is the beginning of the Osteoporosis disease. The hormones which cast adverse impact on the bones include growth hormone, introgen and thyroid hormones.

The disease affects women more as compared to men and the reason is that after stoppage of menses, quantity of introjen hormone starts decreasing. The bones get de-watered fast which reduces the strength of bones. The women, whose menses stops before age of 45 years, whose ovary is removed by the operation, who is childless or who has not been with menstrual for long.

There are other factors also which cause the disease irrespective of whether the victim is male or female. It could be heredity problem. The lack of vitamin D, calcium and proteins also cause the disease. If a person is much thin then also there is probability that the disease could attack. High blood pressure too cause this disease as in high BP the calcium fast pass- es out from the urine and even additional calcium is consumed it fails to supplement. There is no indication of wearing out of bones. The disease is confirmed only when fracture occurs and the doctor is consulted. The initial stage of the disease causes pain in the bones of wrist, buttocks and waist. The back bone bends due to the problem. As the veins get weak there is strong possibility of a person suffering the stroke of paralysis. 

The importance of examination

The importance of examination do exists in this disease. If it is diagnosed at the initial stage, it could be checked. The density of the bones could be measured with the help of x-rays computerized toyography scan, ultrasound, bone demotry scan and other technologies could ascertain the density. Due to wearing of the bones, they get weak and brittle. Thus the joints like buttocks and knee had problems in carrying the weight of the body.

Change the daily life routine

Women are more gripped by the disease and hence they need to be more alert. With calculated and balanced diet with controlled daily routine the effect of the disease could be minimized. Basically soft drinks and other sweet drinks have replaced milk and hence children do not get adequate amount of calcium. According to an estimate, the supply of calcium has been reduced to half against the demand. Hence, when the children do not get adequate minerals to strengthen the bones, they are under threat of osteoporosis. It is very important to maintain the standard of calcium in the body. Even excess consumption of some nutritious elements like protein, vitamin A and sodium also blocks the absorption of calcium in the body. Alcohol also restricts the absorption of calcium in the body. Many normal medicines like Entaneeds, Sterawads and Duretix affects the metabolism of calcium. The calcium in the body is needed, apart from protection of osteoporosis, for maintaining normal blood pressure, proper metabolic functioning and for defense in the body. More calcium input also reduces the threat of colon cancer. 

Better diet for bones
The meaning of osteoporosis means bones with porous surface. Over 6 crore persons are affected of this disease. And of the each two women over 45 years, one is affected of this disease. Though both, women and men are victimized but women are at four times risk. The childhood and teen-age is important for the strengthening of bones. The children should be fed with calcium so that they reduce the risk of suffering from the disease. 

Zinc and fiber help in reducing threat

Most of the persons believe that weakness of bones is due to lack of calcium. It is true but recent studies and research has found that there are more elements which increase calcium in the body. Consuming items rich in calcium as milk, cheese, yeast is beneficial for the preparation of calcium in the body. But many other sources also help in strengthening bones. Taking adequate amount of zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin c and fruits rich in fiber also help in strengthening bones. A person shall eat fruits, green vegetables, potatoes, peas, banana and raw grains, which enriches vitamins and thus strengthens bones. The problem of pain in knees is very common and to get relief consume ginger, soya, berry etc. It smoothen the strain. Avoid using fats and sweet items.

Strengthen the bones

The probability of women suffering from the disease is, as already said, much more than as compare to men. Even the young males and females could also be attacked by the disease. The persons with lean and thin body structure, with irregular diet and having faulty body posture are more vulnerable to the disease related to bones.

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