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Voice of +ve Change in the World : All the Best

 " Voice of Positive Change in the World "

  Be positive | Earn +ve | Say +ve | Think +ve  |

(All the B E S T )

To Change the Society or, to bring the (+ve) Change in the World, we must have the concept of B E S T and to understand the same, we have to be Human.

In a Society or, in the world around us, a common man faces, sees, witness lots of hindrance. 

"Human or, "Human Being"  refers to the common man who have the knowledge, thinking, humility and in my sense who is next to God i.e have the power to Judge between Right and Wrong.

 Just like a common man, lots of Issue and thought came to my mind and these are :

1. Good Atmosphere.

2. Pollution free Environment.

3. Crime free Environment.

4. Best facilities.

5. Equality in the Society.

6. Love and Respect for each other.

7. To achieve above All, you need A good Administration and 

"All the B E S T "

 As my thinking and views got wider, I understand that all these are possible only when we bring positive change in our thinking and Understanding.


While gathering views of a common man, I experienced and noticed that people say " Tum akale kya karoge, Pagal mat bano, apne Zindagi (life) enjoy karo, Jiska Jo kaam hai, usi pe choor do ", referring to all types of Works.

But the point is that these proverbs are letting our society down because the mindset of Chairperson is not of Human and of B E S T.

People have the only work to criticize you, but you have to Stand Still to make a (+ve) change in the Society.

 As the starting is very difficult task , mostly in case you are going to bring change in the society . Also  it is difficult to give the power of Words and Voice to your deeds for bringing change in the Society by touching the humanness and Soul.

So, If we really want to bring a positive change in the world around us, first we have change our life as a Human.

When we will be Human, we will bring change in our society by changing mindset, views of the people.  so, lets understand the word  "of the People, by the people, for the People". Thus, we will observe that a New class of Human Being has been evolved having the potency to erase the demons like Corruption, Crimes, etc. so , All the B E S T.

 I Neelmani, owner of Blog " www.scholarsclub.blogspot.com", 21 Years old civil engineer, thinks it as a constructive way i.e as a +ve way as we are the only who are future of our society, country and World, so I appeal all my generation friends, Indiblogger Members and all the people that we have to  bring B E S T culture in our society  by using social Bonds, Culture, Education love with positive Attitude.

So, be a B E S T Human. 

This Article has been written by Neelmani under Indiblogger topic (Under Sponsership of Stayfree  : " Time to Change " If you could change something around you, what it would be ( Be the Voice of Change and Tell us what you would want to change aroung you " ).

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I Neelmani, has the copyright of the above words, so, I have edited article in my handwriting and Video format in Original.  

Video Link : http://youtu.be/cXxDri5lAyI



 Thanking you

" All the B E S T."


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