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Sorry ! I have only 34 teeth

The foundation of Teeth : Gums

Eat Healthy : Speak Healthy : Live Healthy

An icon of wisdom, a piece of beauty and above all its presence makes a body a human in a definite way........ 

You eat by swallowing the items or by chewing ! ........ surely by chewing......... since you are a human, so you help your tongue  to process the food items first in the mouth by your milk teeth or, younger teeth or man made teeth. Now, the matter is that how far you are going to enjoy it...... since, it matters on your responsibility towards teeth and Gums. 

Pointing towards gums problems, Blood is a vital fluid in our Body, it regulates all our body function normally by its pressure. People have no time to spend upon them , they overlook the some problem and think it as habitual.

e.g : A person when he brushes there is expulsion of blood from gums everyday but he thought it is normal and left it as habitual.

The dental problem is most serious & leading problem as we are getting modern. With the modernization, there is oral infection, dental caries, gingivitis & pyorrhea. They occur due to poor quality of junk food available in market and major of not proper cleanliness of teeth.

Aetiology of bleeding gums :

1. Diet : People taking carbohydrates in highly refined forms, e.g: white bread and sweets eaten between meals.
2. Acid Producing & proteolytic oral bacteria : Carbohydrate material clinging to the teeth is subjected to the activity of bacterial enzymes , forming dental plaques of dextran, which is later broken down to lactic acid, which is capable of dissolving  dental enamel.  once the enamel shell has been penetrated, proteolytic enzymes, generated by other bacteria, disintegrate dentine which form the bulk of tooth.
3. Minor enamel hypoplasia :resulting from lack of vitamins & possibly from fluoride deficiency in domestic water supplies.
4. Poor oral-hygienic condition  
5. Chewing tobacco , smoking
6. Eating extreme heated, cold food simultaneously...
7. Lack of Vitamin C.
8. Trauma / Injury in teeth

The fundamental pre disposing cause of these conditions is gum recession & an excessive deposit of tartar. The tartar pushes the gingival margin away from the teeth with the results that......

A. The periodontal membrane is broken.
B. The Gums recedes &
C. The Particle of food accumulate between gums and the teeth.

In gingivitis, which is caused by bacteria gingivelli, the gums are swollen, spongy & bleed readily....

In pyorhoea, pus can come out from the gingival pocket. The teeth become loose and fall out...

Signs : 
1. The gums around the labial aspect of the upper incisors and their inter-dental papillae are affected most.
2. Bleeding is frequent.
3. on Pressure, pus usually oozes from the gingival pockets.

Treatments : 
1. Regular Scaling
2. Daily massage of the gums with the fingers.
3. Removing debris by a wooden tooth-prick &
4. frequent use of an astringent mouth-wash, (Ferric Chloride).
5. If not, gingivectorny is done. 

Moral of the story :
Our Body when affected by any noxious agent it affect first our health and it fight against it to overcome. When our health is stronger than the noxious agent, there is expulsion of disease, but when our health is weaker than the disease spread in our body and settled where it get weaker area and it is manifested to us by deranged health as sign & symptoms.

So, Don't ignore the warning signs that your body gives you. Blood is the sign of bigger gum problems like gingivitis, receding gums, or even tooth loss   if left untreated.

So, Improve your health first because , A healthy man with his wise teeth can achieve every thing.

This post is written by NEELMANI , for the Indiblogger and Colgate Campaign about Ignoring warning  signs. 

Know more  about your Gums : http://www.myhealthyspeak.co.in/

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