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Men and Male with the She

The She Character of Deity and 
its Creation on Earth. 

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Men are those class of respected persons, who are the half of human being and who have the respect for the half i.e. human beings having She Character.

The Goddess, the origin , the start , the love, the  mercy, the power , the culture : The She

we are two in this world, how can be live separately .............. when we get together we develop the enlightenment,  a new .......... something new.....

My Dear ones, we are living in a universe..... close to earth.... more close to family..... more close to she .......,  How we can Ignore them..... ?

Think of yourself......... Think of She.......

Its not time to discriminate the world on the basis of Gender. Its time to help our self to get together to develop our self.  we have seen and have recorded the several cases of discrimination on the female side like Domestic violence, treating women like slave, thinking them as a piece of Sex and much more, which we are observing and on which our India is just burning from the capital state of India to the tribal town to point villages. 

The mindset of some people of our country are too must disgusting. Actually they have the mindset level to think beyond the stomach and Sex. That's why, they become selfish towards own self, not for the family members too. They produce the child to treat and get them as helping hands.

Actually, their is a debug in the thinking of the people or, rather i think that , it is forced behavior of the men; that the pressure of getting family run or to get exist in this world, they have to work hard, and when they just got fail, then they get in the habit of drugs, alcohol and other nuisance things. After that, their mental level corrupts and they not find them selves able to help the family much more .... so their frustration leads to violence.

For every cause , their is some reason, so as young champ of this country.....I am taking a pledge to sort out the people who are mentally weak  in getting the fight for the existence on this earth.

Actually, the problem is the Administration of our Indian Government, Local Police, our Education System and the Moral Backgrounds of our family..... Its not time to empower the females....But it is the real time for the males to get empowered and help themselves to build and understand own caliber.

Hey, Male Mens take a Pledge to create a Ecology in the family to society to this beautiful World.

Bring the She character from Deity to the earth.

Hey Women, a Message from Me, you need to understand yourself you can do everything... so bring out good one in your Husband, your children and help a family to create a good society. Maintain your chastity and teach moral values to the blood ones. 

So, In this Context and A NGO is working very Good : Visit them here : www.bellbajao.org

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