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I live in a 300 Dollar house !

Build Your own house @ Rs.15000/-

one of the three necessities of life viz; "Roti, Kapara aur Makaan" (i.e Chapati, Cloth and a house), a house is the place where a life just settle and got to know about its origin and destination.

In the present environment , we see the rise in population and efforts to have a own personal house. We witness that there is vast difference in living standard of villagers to small towns to big cities. I just want to focus on the fact, that how a small or, low earning family can dream of a good house at even low cost. We witness that lots of villagers, settle their lives in huts or, cottage, they use water through public platform, use a common among villagers. Thus, there is a lots of demerits of these hut. Apart from that, these huts gives insecurity as they are not fireproof, heat proof, water proof.

First we got to know, what does a Home really means :-

House (Home) is that which offers the worldly joys of having a family, keeping pets, cattle etc; which protects from cold, heat, storms and other external hazards, and which facilitates the proper performance of dharma ( righteous duties ), artha ( attainment of wealth / material power a progress ) and Kama ( fulfillment of desires ).

The whole concept of $300 house has been given by Vijay Govindarajan and christian Sarkar in a Harvard Business review. I am very much influenced by their concept. because of their innovative Idea, the requirement will be to design, build and deploy a simple dwelling which helps a family safe from weather, allows them to sleep at night, and gives them a little bit of dignity. Yes, If we can give the poor a chance to live safely and build an inclusive ecosystem of services around them which includes clean water, Sanitation, health services, family planning, education, and micro enterprise, may be we can start reducing the disease of poverty.

With this innovation, companies can make money while providing services needed by the poor at an affordable cost. Thus, the poor deserve a well chance, a real chance to make it out of the poor. Thus, Apart from helping poor, the top thinkers have to understand more to make virtual a real. Lots of hidden factors are responsible like public awareness, availability of materials, cost, skilled labour, Life of a house etc.

I am happy to see that companies like Mahindra and Mahindra and others are doing worth in their field. Examples are being shown in flood regions of Bihar etc. foreign study groups are also studying the living patterns of poor ones.

After studying the whole concept we will able to give answer of the following ones or, with the help of these questions you will feel the need of a $300 house : 
  • How can organic, self-built slums be turned into livable housing?
  • What might a house-for-the-poor look like?
  • How can world-class engineering and design capabilities be utilized to solve the problem?
  • What reverse-innovation lessons might be learned by the participants in such a project?
  • How could the poor afford to buy this house?
A $300 house is moving ahead since lots of people are getting involved with their ideas and hope to see it as a realistic and will reach at mass level. There is lots to know on this project @ www.300house.com. for understanding the whole idea, Pls. watch this video link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haMM-hiG6k4

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