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RBI guidelines for disputed transactions

Must read If you use Debit, Credit Card or Internet Banking

  • The grievance cell of the bank should be made known to every card holder so that he/she can approach the designated officer and ensure that genuine grievances are redressed promptly.
  • Banks have been asked to formulate a system to prevent fraud.
  • In case of disputed transactions, the bank is liable to provide the consumer with all the necessary documentations (like the ATM pin used, the additional security authentication used and the time and place of transactions), within a maximum period of 60 days.
  • In all disputed cases, banks have to maintain a transparent procedure with the card holder pertaining to call center competence and mechanism to escalate the matter to a higher authority.
  • Banks have been advised to be careful before reporting the consumer in the defaulter's list of CIBIL in case of unresolved disputes.
  • If a person is unsatisfied with the bank's response over credit card or other banking-related issues, he can file a complaint before the banking Ombudsman under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme by the RBI (at www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in), within a period of one month.

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