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How to Block Pop-ups ?

I get Several pop-up windows when I'm surfing the net on my Firefox browser. How do I block them?

Pop-ups are additional browser windows that are opened by a website. Often annoying, as they're frequently used to push advertisements at the viewer, pop-ups can also be harmful. They can contain malicious links or unsuitable material. Most browser these days come with filters and controls that automatically block pop-ups or only allow those from benign sites. Here's how you block pop-ups in your Firefox web browser.

Go to Tools and select options. In the dialog box that appears, click on the content tab. Make sure there's a tick next to 'Block popups windows'. If you wish to allow pop-ups for a certain website, click on the Exceptions button next to the Block popups option and type the address of a website.

Click Allow > Close > OK to finish.

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