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Found 1000 tonne gold buried in the village of Daundia Khera in Uttar Pradesh : Exclusive

The Indian government is digging for treasure after a civic-minded Hindu village sage proved that 1,000 tonnes of gold was buried under a ruined palace, and wrote to tell the central bank about it with all the proof of maps and convincing Documents.

The state Archaeological Survey of India has sent a team of archaeologists to the village of Daundia Khera in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. They are due to start digging on Friday.
Yogi Swami Shobhan Sarkar says the gold he dreamed of belonged to a nineteenth-century ruler, Rao Ram Bux Singh. He says he wants it in government hands to help India recover from an economic crisis.

Found 1000 tonne gold buried in the village of Daundia Khera in Uttar Pradesh
“I cried the day I realised that India is going to collapse economically,” the seer told . The dead ruler’s spirit has been roaming the palace and asking for the gold to be dug up, he added.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has begun clearing the points marked for excavation around the fort of King Ram Bux Singh, a martyr of the mutiny, because a seer received a revelation in his dream that 1,000 tonnes of gold lay buried there.

After three visits to the fort in the past 14 days, ASI teams will begin to dig on October 18, though without preliminary studies it conducts before such an exercise.

For the start, the ASI has opted for the mapping of the site by the Geographical Survey of India (GSI), which is likely to submit its report in a day or two.

Dear friend's lots of questions are going in our mind these are :
  1. From where Yogi Swami Shobhan Sarkar obtained the maps and details.
  2. Who gave him because he is saying that he has just received it from someone two days before 
  3. Why he refused to told that he is not going to explore how he got that fact.
We feel that the matter of 1000 tonne gold is absolutely right and soon India we get that much of gold that every one will lost that fact that same and equal amount of Black money are in the deposit accounts of our Indian Leaders in Swiss Banks. O my sonia and Rahul Bahiyaa...., Roti - Kapra - Makaan hai naa apke pass.

News on Date -18/07/2013 - Excavation work has been started by Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ), at Daudiyakhera Raja Rao RamBaksh Fort. First Day the soil was excavated to 1/2 feet. According to the Information of Sant Sobhan Sarkar and after the Investigation by ASI, the team of 12 members has started the work.
Indian Geological Department has also confirmed that metal can be found beneath the soil. Let's see what happens. Next Update coming Soon....

News on Date - 19/07/2013 - 

I have Hawk Eye over the News and Soon I will intimate everyone with the fact.... till then Happy Gold.......

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