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Have the courage ….

You defeat the waves 
and leave the banks much behind,
And mind the persons who
make houses on the bank 

Does not have the courage to face oceans. 
Fight if you deserve, sword is with you 
But if it is kept inside sheath, 
then others could attack you Just fight with the rocks, 
break it into little stones 
And if you have courage you would allow
pheasant to fight with eagle. 

Don't lose courage and sit with fear 
Return back to the battle field 
Success would ultimately come to you 
What is your sword has broken, 

Just snatch dagger from the enemy 
And see even enemies would praise you 
Most of the fellows sit quiet 
after being defeated 
But you even in odd situation 
sing the songs of victory 
And see even death 
would be with you And ultimately 
the victory would be with you, 
the victory would be with you.
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