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World's tallest statue of Jesus

 Swiebodzin Poland: A gigantic statue of Jesus that Poles claim is the world's tallest rose majestically above a small town, as the grandiose dream of a local priest finally came to pass.
The white statue with outstretched arms and golden crown rising above the western Polish plains in Swiebodzin provides competition to Rio de Janiero's iconic Christ the Redeemer.

The mayor of the western Polish town, Dariusz Bekisz, claims it is now the world's tallest.

Rev. Sylwester Zawadzki, the 78-year-old priest who created the statue, said it rises 108 feet, or 33 meters" one meter for every year that Jesus lived. Other members of the construction team, however, gave differing figures. One said it rises 167 feet (51 meters) if you include a mound it sits on and the crown on the head.

By comparison, the statue in Brazil's Rio is 125 feet (38 meters) tall.

While it wasn't possible to verify the exact height of the new statue, there was no doubt that "Christ the King," as the golden-crowned Polish statue is called, cut an imposing sight as it was finally completed. 

World's tallest statue of Jesus It has divided Poles and underlined the deep cultural divide between a deeply Catholic population and an increasingly confident secular society -- with many mocking the statue project as tacky. 
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