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Corruption : A political problem and its solutions


" Corruption is eating into the vitals of country's political establishment, administration and its machinery resulting into country's constant struggle with growth. Our endeavour is to eradicate the menace of corruption and to progress towards development."

 "Why does government avoid bringing back black money and hang corrupt officials? Because, bringing such changes, will only bring, governments' own people into the net."

There have been social issues in the country like division based on casts and states, Religious fanaticism, selective abortion, superstition lack of self-discipline, irresponsibility, dowry and addiction, but menace of corruption holds its roots in country's political system. Appropriate demeanor, views and honesty or dishonesty, like water, flow from higher levels to lower levels. So, in the present political set-up, Central Government, at the head of the governance will have to deal with this menace. we have three solutions to fight corruption and prevalent black money in our economy…

[ 1 ] Central Government stops printing currency notes of high value and takes back this printed money, then they can address several problems simultaneously like Corruption, Bribing, Black- Marketing, Fake Currency and Terrorism. 

[ 2 ] Swamji puts up a question to the government that when our neighbouring country China punishes corrupt officials with death penalty, why can't we follow the accord same punishment? If government punishes 10-20 corrupt officials with death penalty, then, nobody would try to be corrupt because everybody loves to live this life. In China, even the cost of cartridge that kills a corrupt official is paid by his or her family, because that cartridge is manufactured from the tax collected by the citizens. 

[ 3 ] We must bring all the black-money back into the country, which is stashed away in more than 70 countries including Switzerland, by immediately entering into a treaty with the governments of those nations. Germany has also sent a list of 100 people, whose money is safely deposited in Swiss banks. Considering the welfare of the country this list of people should be immediately made public.

If these three steps are taken, corruption die its own death and India

will, one day, become an economic superpower in the world. Only the government at the Centre can bring these abovementioned changes, as there is no other authority, entrusted by the constitution. Without bringing-in such changes in our intent, we can not solve problems of corruption and black-money.

I happen to ask a question to a very popular political leader that if government can solve problems like corruption and Black-money in the economy, by resorting to these three measures, then why doesn't it do it? The answer to the question was interesting but it was filled with a lot embarrassment. He said, by this currency recall of high value notes, the money that would return to the exchequer will be that of people, either in the government or of their patronages. Secondly, by punishing the guilty with death penalty, people hanged, will again be corrupt leaders and their patronage. 

Money stashed away in Swiss banks belongs to these dishonest politicians. The list of people, having money in foreign banks, given by the German government, has names of those corrupt leaders. So, the central government or present political leaders will never bring those changes, which will act against them. That means our government is not clean and if they happen to be honest then why don't they bring these three changes. The government, which is dishonest, has no right to govern this country. If this government doesn't act on these three steps and continues its corrupt ways and biased policies, then all the citizens join hands with Bharat Swabhimaan to form a government, which will act on these three remedies to eradicate corruption, corrupt practices and all such policies.

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