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International Highway of Information

26,000 colleges to be connected with fibre optics: Sibal

In an effort to build an international highway of information, 26,000 colleges and 800 universities in the country would be connected with fibre optics in the next three to four years, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said on 27/02/2011. 

Once the connectivity was through, there will be a flow of information which will be free of any charges, he said addressing students and teachers of the Rajagiri Public School at nearby Kalamassery. There will be a global opportunity as India will be providing the workforce of the world by 2050, the minister said, adding the country would be the hub of knowledge. 

While by 2020, the average age of Indians will be 29, in Italy, Germany and Japan, the average age would be over 60 years, he said. "The nature of education has changed. Access to knowledge is diversified. It is no longer a dialogue or solo act between teacher and student." 

"The right of choice to children to learn what he wants is democracy. Allow the child the choice not only at school level but also at the university level," Sibal said. The minister later handed over the keys of three fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories and books for a library to authorities of the government aided HMT School, Kalamassery. 

The students of the Rajagiri school had through a project, which began in 2009, raised the funds for the laboratories and library by contributing Rs one per day from their pocket money.

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