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Surf Excel Matic + Washing Machine = Perfect Match:

Save 2 Hours ! 2 MW Electricity! and Rs.200!
with 2 Bucket of Water
Presenting My Experience with 
All New Surf Excel Matic

Good morning friends!

Did you know; that using ordinary detergent may even cause mechanical problems to your washing machine? Make a smarter choice and choose Surf Excel Matic with 2X formula which keep your clothes crisp and clean & be the perfect partner for washing machine.
Surf Excel Matic + Washing Machine = Perfect Match:


Simple yet dependable, Surf Excel Matic with your washing machine will make sure you have cleaner clothes and save electricity at the same time. 
 " One Plants the Trees, another gets the Shade" says an Old Chinese Proverb, Exactly What the  "Surf Excel Matic" is all about - doing good for make lives better. 
Use Surf Excel Matic for a better Tomorrow!!!
Surf Excel Matic helped me to create a Simple Earning Method for my extra Expenditure. 
Since 1990, Me and My Family  uses only Surf for our all  Detergent works and the word Surf has now become the Synonyms for the  Detergent

We have deep faith in the Surf and all its Brands like "Surf Excel Blue", "Surf Excel Quickwash" or "Surf Excel Matic". 
When we knew about  "Surf Excel Matic" and its features we were Surprised to Know that , as it not only save our 2 Hours time and lots of Electricity Bill and our Money too!!!
"You Must Know this Technical fact "  

Did you know ? Excess lather hampers the working of your washing machine? So choose "Surf Excel Matic" with ‘low foam’ formula designed to keep your clothes clean, the perfect partner for your washing machine.

According to the finding of a Study , using a detergent that lathers less helps saves water, so Hindustan Unilever Limited came up with the Idea to develop a Brand New Product called "Surf Excel Matic"www.scholarsclub.blogspot.com

"Surf Excel Matic" realised  me about the campaign that " Daag Acche Hai "  was fully Correct.  

Would you like your Clothes to be like Dickery Dean? 
Here’s the solution.

If I had two extra hours in a day, how would have spend it in this Way?
2 ghante ..? Kafi hai Mere Liye..
Zindagi Ke eis Bhagdore Me, Tej Rafter Zindagi Me, agar Mil jaye Mujhe 2 Gante ... Kafi hai Mere Liye..... Kafi hai Mere Liye...
Radio ki Awaaz Tej Karunga..Khana Fatafat Khaunga.. friend sang phone me Baate Karne ke liye 1/2 ghante Kafi hai Mere Liye....
Sofe pe Pair Pasare, Duniya ke Samachar Padhunga aur Suduko Solve Karne Ke Liye 1/2 ghante Kafi hai Mere Liye....
Apni Personal Diary me routine Banauga aur jajbaat share karne ke Liye  1/2 ghante Kafi hai Mere Liye....
Laptop par Tweeter, facebook or Blogging ke liye 1/2 ghante Kafi hai Mere Liye....
Katma Hua 2 Gante , Ab Kal Subah ka Intzaar Hai.......
(Sharing feelings for Surf Excel Matic)  
" Critical Situations when
  "Surf Excel Matic"will help You "


Matic-o-lutions: EGG STAINS:

Scrape away as much as possible. Sponge with lukewarm water. Never use hot water, as heat hardens the stain. If this does not succeed, spread the stain with a paste of cream of tartar and water, adding a crushed aspirin to the paste. Leave for 20 - 30 minutes. Rinse well in warm water. Wash as usual with Surf Excel Matic.
Did you know for   "Surf Excel Matic"
Surf Excel Matic automatically gives you some free time during the day as it can remove the toughest stains in the washing machine itself. So why not enrich your life a little more by reading a good book. www.scholarsclub.blogspot.com
Did you know that 42% of people who graduate from college never read another book when actually, reading is one of the most enjoyable past-times there is! What's your favourite book?

Did you know foamy lather in your old washing machines does more harm to it than good? That’s why with its low foam formula & 2X formula Surf Excel Matic and washing machines is the perfect match.
So, Enjoy Life !

Surf excel Matic is available in the following pack.
• 2,000g
• 1,000gwww.scholarsclub.blogspot.com
• 500g

This post is my (Neelmani's) entrywww.scholarsclub.blogspot.com to the Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart contest conducted by IndiBlogger (www.indiblogger.in) . Surf Excel Matic is smart enough to get rid of stains while your clothes are inside your washing machine, so you don’t have to spend your precious time doing it separately. That’s what the Wise Man meant by innovation at small levels. Time saved is time earned.

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