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Shopping online - Buying Easy with Jabong.com

Online Shopping websites have caught on quick, outpacing even decades-old brick-and-mortar chains in a matter of a few years. The reasons are simple enough: online shopping in much more convenient, can offer better prices and you can pay and you can pay on delivery.  But given the difference in experience and process, its challenges and problems are also different.

Not many of us could claim to know which portal is likely to stock or offer the best deal on a certain product, which has the best deals on a certain product, which has the best returns process and how likely it is for delivery to be delayed. After studying on nine big online shopping websites, we came to know following results :

  • Jabong came out trumps in our survey with maximum score. One of the few portals here to sell a limited range of items, it restricts itself itself mainly to clothing, accessories, shoes and furniture - items perhaps least naturally suited to remote purchase. But the portal still got solid scores in major categories , including the return process, an area in which even more well-established stores like Flipcart and Homeshop18 faltered.
At Jabong.com you will free from :
  1. Exagerate MRPs.
  2. Charged freebies.
  3. Fakes at price.
Jabong sell clothing, accessories and home furnishings. A part of its website is devoted only to premium items, where brands such as Hidesign and DKNY can be found, but you can expect to find just about anything in the mentioned categories. You will feel free to locate what they wanted to found the range of products to be wide. Jabong did well in every category, also offering the most liberal purchase/ returns/ delivery items. You can pay on delivery and return your purchase if unsatisfied, and the returns process is outlined clearly online.

As far as the Return Policy is concerned - 
Jabong has the Best return Policy

Always Check the friendliest return policy. If you are unsatisfied with what you bought or it arrived damaged, you can arrange to have it picked up from your house up to 30 days after delivery. JABONG for example, says it will pick your purchase up within 72 hours, but if you live in a remote area, you will have to pay for shipping yourself. In this case, you will receive a gift voucher worth Rs. 100 from the Jabong.com

When you are shopping online, you have to focus on the points like Range of products, Availability of products, Ordering process, Deliveries, Mode of payment. That's why after comparing on these points. we have created a chart below for the customer satisfaction.

Analyze yourself on the basis of above points : 

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