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How to Save 27% from your Printers : Print more or Save Ink

Top ink-saving tips :

Change your font :

Times New Roman and Microsoft's default font are very frugal with ink. Our tests show that they save enough to allow you to print 27% more pages than with the popular font Arial. Verdana is one of the most ink-intensive - producing the fewest printed pages.

Print in draft or black and white:

If quality is not important , change your settings to save ink. To print in the faster, lower quality draft mode :

Click File> Options > Advanced >. Under the 'Print' header, check the tick box that says ' Use draft quality'. ( Repeat this step and deselect ' Draftoutput' to printin better quality ). To print in black and white : Click File > Print . Under Printer, Click Printer Properties. In the colour tab, tick the " Print in Grayscale " checkbox.

Buy the best cheap third-party ink :

A number of models will take ink from other brands, so you can avoid the high costs of going back to your printer manufacturer. This 'non-OEM' ink can be used in new or refilled cartridges.

When Printing online, choose the 'print friendly' option:

Some Websites will have their own 'print friendly' icon - usually positioned in the top corner of the page. This removes unnecessary blocks of color before you print. Using such add-ons will generate similar savings if you are printing lots of pages from websites.

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