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10 ways to shop safely on the net

Shop Safely on the net

10 points to look upon : Featured Post

With online fraud becoming more common, here's how to ensure that  safety comes first when e-buying.
1. Keep your web browser updated.
An updated web browser can ensure the latest security protection. Most of the Modern browsers have automatic updating systems.

2. Shop on reliable web-stores.
Ask friends for their experiences and the visit the store's page on a social network site to scan reviews and ratings.

3. Avoid using public computers.
If you are on a public computer, use the private browsing or incognito mode to avoid any search history or personal date from being accessed.

4. Ensure the Security of the portal
Look for VeriSign  Secured Seal, or a green address bar in your web browser ( a padlock icon). Also verify the URL. The URL of a secure website will always start with https, not http.

5. Check the store's shipping policies.
Take due note of the shipping methods and policies to find out what carriers they use their shipping rates and insurance so that, in case of any unfortunate event, you know where to seek redressal.

6. Deal wisely with the failed transactions.
Make a note of the date and time at which the transaction took place and immediately inform both the customer care of the web store and your bank.

7. Avoid third-party payment .
Responding to emails from third-party payment services is as good as inviting theft. Never provide your account or banking information over such e-mails. It is always advisable to type the address of the payment service directly into the browser or use personal bookmarks.

8. Vigilance while using mobile applications. 
The thumb rule of shopping online through mobile applications (apps) is to stick to the apps you know or only choose apps that are provided directly by the retailer, such as. The Amazon Mobile app.

9.  Avoid strangers on Social Media.
Messages or chats regarding deals that are sent to you on social Media may appear legitimate but remember, fraudsters too keep a close eye on such web stores. Only visit officially registered web store pages.

10. change your password often.
Avoid passwords that are easy to guess. change your passwords for the web store and the transactions password for your  credit or debit card regularly.

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