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Piped Natural Gas (PNG) How to get Connection ?

Focus : Getting a piped gas connection

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connections are a safe, environmentally friendly and convenient way to get a continuous supply of gas in your home. To switch to PNG or to get a new connection, here's what you need to do :

Book your connection : - 

Inform the company about your interest in getting a PNG connection and get your application form from the company.

Submit documents :

Duly fill the application form and submit it along with your address, identity and ownership proof and the registration fees.

Necessary inspections :

Once you submit the application to the provider, a technical team will be sent to your home to carry out a safety survey of the premises.

Installation procedure :

On completion of the safety survey, the team will decide on the location of the pipeline and other such technicalities. The technician will also convert your LPG appliance to PNG, install a meter and pressure regulator and make other necessary fittings for the PNG connection. Check how the connection works, under their supervision, and get your queries answered before the start of your tenure.

Final Settlement :

Additional charges, like extra pipe length, may be incurred during the process of installation, based on the requirements.

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