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Social Media Interaction Online Democracy Part 1

Internet has become one of the most important technologies to organize people socially. Present research contends that internet and web 2.0 have given rise to a new form of sovereignty to social actors who reject any organisation or state that fails to give its prospective clients exactly what they want. Social Media has empowered the consumer as a social actor to voice complaints with reduced physical and psychological costs combined with  greater visibility and organisation facilitated through the social nature of these technologies.

Also, the rate of adoption of internet has exceeded most mass communications technologies making it almost indispensable  for the modern consumer. The growing popularity of social media has coincided with the decline of the use of the traditional media, which has resulted in a shift from the concept of traditional one way communication to a mode where people interact with each other. These trends have empowered citizens to be aware of latest happenings and also helped them effectively communicate their opinion. On the other side, it has also enabled leaders of political organisations to get in touch and share information about themselves without any mediators.

Social Media Interaction Online Democracy Part 2 : Will be updated soon.......................

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