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"short blouse" and sari appearance on the Cannes red carpet


She has been collecting both acclaim and criticism from fashion critics for her "short blouse" and sari appearance on the Cannes red carpet, but actress Deepika Padukone says she knows that she looked good. "I had not even considered a Western outfit. 

I decided I was going to wear a sari. There are some people who will always find faults. If I had worn a gown, they would have said I should've worn a sari. Everyone told me I looked good.

If some people have issues, I choose to ignore them," says the actress, who is currently shooting in Mauritius for Break Ke Baad. Fashion blogs too have been abuzz with how the actress looked just as she looks every time she wears a sari, with the same hair bun and styling. 

She also repeated the jewellery that she wore at a recent awards function. "My stylist Anaita Adajania suggested my look. 

As a youth icon at an international platform, I have to balance both the traditional and the modern looks, which is what I have been doing. I'm sure Rohit (Bal, who designed her sari) and Anaita knew what they were doing," says Deepika. 

She adds that she didn't see anything breathtaking in terms of fashion on the red carpet. "I was there just for a day and no one really caught my attention." 

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